HR0610-H – Limited Duration Appointment




Effective Date: 06/01/2014

Category: Compensation

Last Review: 08/24/2018

Next Review: 08/24/2021

Contact: Damon Davis

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Limited Duration Appointment (LDA) is a form of regular employment for specific/ special projects and/or circumstances of uncertain or limited duration. An LDA may be established for up to one year with an option to renew the appointment annually for a maximum of three years. To establish an LDA, approval by the campus human resources office is required before the initial appointment and before any subsequent annual renewal of the appointment beyond the first year. Also required is an appointment letter indicating the maximum length and other conditions of the appointment.


The procedure covers all Limited Duration (LDA) staff employees.


  1. The department considering hiring an employee in a limited duration exempt position must first contact the Human Resources Office to determine potential eligibility for limited duration status. If HR approves, the college/department will complete and submit to HR a limited duration memo that justifies the request based on specific/special projects and/or circumstances of uncertain or limited duration.
  2. The Hiring Official or designee creates a Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) with the Chief Business Officer’s signature affixed to the PDQ and LDA memorandum.
  3. The College/Department submits a PDQ and limited duration memo with appropriate signatures to HR for evaluation.
  4. After HR and OED has reviewed, evaluated, and classified the PDQ, the college/department initiates a create/change position request in IRIS.
  5. Upon selection of the appointee, HR-Compensation will review the resume/CV to determine an appropriate starting pay rate. HR-Compensation may consider factors such as education and experience beyond the minimum requirements for the position, directly related unique skills and competencies, strength of the relevant job market, and internal equity within the University.
  6. Human Resources drafts and reviews appointment letter for the Limited Duration Appointee, and HR-Employment will prepare and send information regarding orientation, benefits, compensation and an official start date of the selected individual. (All limited duration appointment offer letters are signed by Human Resources.)

HR0610-H – Limited Duration Appointment
Version: 1 // Effective: 06/01/2014
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