HR0480-H – Work Schedules

No./Title: 480 – WORK SCHEDULES


Effective Date: 02/01/2014

Category: Compensation

Last Review: 08/24/2018

Next Review: 8/24/2021

Contact: Damon Davis

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To provide departments’ maximum flexibility in the scheduling of non-faculty staff exempt and non-exempt employees and to maximize employee productivity, accountability and longevity by accommodating personal and family needs.


All non-faculty staff exempt and non-exempt employees of the university. Please refer to the Faculty Handbook for information concerning faculty work schedules.


Time Worked

  1. Normal working hours for the HSC campus are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with one hour for lunch.
  2. All full time staff employees are expected to work forty (40) hours per week.
  3. Supervisors have the flexibility to determine employees’ specific work schedules based on the particular needs of the unit and the necessity to perform all essential services.
  4. The work schedules of employees working in an office setting must be arranged for adequate coverage during the HSC normal working hours.

Exceptions to the Work Schedule

  1. Exceptions to the regular schedule, or working from home will be considered only in extreme circumstances, and must receive supervisor approval in advance.
  2. It is expected that timely correspondence regarding late arrival to work and requests for annual/sick leave should be completed in advance and receive supervisor approval.

Monthly Paid Employees

All monthly paid employees must have a pre-established schedule in IRIS. Any variations to this schedule, such as an adjustment to the days worked per week or hours worked per day, requires a revised work schedule through Human Resources-Compensation Unit via the eform process. For questions concerning the above, please contact Human Resources-Compensation Unit.


  1. Differential Pay: Some departments that schedule hourly paid employees on evening or night shifts pay a shift differential. Non-exempt (hourly paid) employees in positions that are eligible for differentials will receive differential pay for specified holidays, weekends and shifts worked.
  2. On-call: Some departments provide on-call compensation if it requires non-exempt (hourly paid) employees to be available during a specified period other than their regular shift. On-call pay is for hours that an employee is “on-call” while off the premises and required to be available if called in to work within a specified period of time.
  3. Travel Time: On occasion, non-exempt employees may be required to travel for UTHSC related purposes. The following guidelines should be used when determining when travel time is considered “work time” and therefore must be paid.

Travel time considered work time includes:

  1. Participating in any business related activities at a conference or seminar.
  2. Participating in social activities where attendance is required.
  3. Traveling out of town for UTHSC related reasons, regardless of the day/time.
  4. Traveling between work locations during the workday.
  5. Traveling from the office to a local airport, bus depot, or train station, or vice versa.

Travel time not considered work time includes:

  1. Participating in social activities where attendance is not required.
  2. Sleeping.
  3. Non-work related meal breaks.
  4. Traveling from home to a local airport, bus depot or train station, or vice versa.
  5. Traveling from home to an in-town conference. However, mileage may be reimbursable.
  6. Traveling from home to a regular designated work location or vice versa.

Training/Conference Time: Attendance at lectures, meetings, training programs, seminars or similar activities must be counted as hours worked when the training is related to the employee’s job. Prior to attending such programs, employees should obtain supervisory approval.

HR0480-H – Work Schedules
Version: 1 // Effective: 02/01/2014
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