HR0335-H – Educational Leave



Effective Date: 03/10/2014

Category: Leave

Last Review: 08/31/2018

Next Review: 08/31/2021

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The University provides time off to regular employees to continue their education and/or participate in research, grants or fellowships. Such leave is provided in accordance with Policy HR0335 and the guidelines set forth herein.


Educational leaves are at the discretion of the supervisor and may be granted upon written request of the employee with the recommendation of the department chair or director and the respective Dean or Vice Chancellor. Faculty requests then require approval of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Chancellor. Staff requests require approval of the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and the Chancellor. Each request for leave is evaluated on its own merits and approval will depend upon the evidence provided as to the enhancement of the employee’s value to the University resulting from the leave. Approval must specify the length of the leave which normally should not exceed two (2) years.

The written request must be submitted three months prior to the requested leave date to receive retirement service credit and must include documentation of the purpose of the leave, the time period involved, the salary and retirement service credit (if applicable), and justification for the leave.

Retirement service credit while on approved Educational Leave is granted as outlined in Policy HR0335. When applicable the Application for Retirement Credit for Educational Leave of Absence must accompany the request for leave. Forms are available from the Human Resources Office.

Educational leave may be with or without pay. Leave benefits are outlined in the related Policy HR0335. Individuals who wish to continue their insurance programs must contact the Benefits Office as far in advance as possible to arrange for payment of their portion of the insurance premiums in advance of the leave.

HR0335-H – Educational Leave
Version: 1 // Effective: 03/10/2014
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