HR0330-H – Educational Assistance (Fee Waiver)




Effective Date: 04/01/1977

Category: Benefits

Last Review: 11/17/2021

Next Review: 11/17/2024

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To provide procedures for requesting waiver of fees for employees who are eligible for educational assistance. Undergraduate courses are limited at UTHSC which allows eligible employees to take courses at any UT, State supported college, university or area vocational-technical school in accordance with this procedure. Employees meeting the eligibility requirements stipulated in the accompanying policy HR0330 may take undergraduate or graduate course(s) per term or semester at a Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) or an UT institution with full or partial remission of in-state maintenance fees according to percent of time worked, under the provisions of the UT/UTHSC Educational Assistance Program and the guidelines set forth herein.

The University allows regular full-time employees to enroll at the University or any TBR school without payment of in-state maintenance fees for a maximum of 9 semester undergraduate or graduate credit hours per semester or term. Regular part-time employees who work 50 percent or more are eligible for hours based on percent of effort. UT retirees with 10 years of full-time employment may receive fee waivers for courses (up to 9 hours) per semester or term. UT retirees with 10 years of regular continuous part-time employment at a minimum of 50 percent time with UT may receive fee waivers based on percent of effort immediately prior to retirement. UT retirees with 30 years or more of service may audit classes without payment of fees.


Any employee who meets the requirements for eligibility for educational assistance as set out in policy HR0330.

Employees working during regular daytime hours are encouraged to take courses in the evening. If this is not possible, an employee wishing to take classes during normal working hours must obtain the supervisor’s approval prior to registration. The employee may extend the normal workday by early arrival or continuing beyond the normal closing hour with approval of the supervisor.

State law provides full-time UT employees with a TBR P130 form for one course for credit per term at any State supported college, university or area vocational-technical school. This waiver applies to one graduate or undergraduate for credit course, which includes in-state maintenance fees, registration fees, debt service fees, technology access fees, online course fees, TN ecampus fees, and service charges. Since the UT fee waiver exceeds the State benefit, the State fee waiver may not be used by UT employees to take courses at a UT campus. The TBR fee waiver applies only to in-state maintenance fees.


  1. The Educational Assistance forms may be obtained from Human Resources website:
  2. The employee must register for course(s) they wish to take for the upcoming semester.
  3. Complete and sign the appropriate fee waiver form(s) then obtain departmental approval.
  4. The departmental signature can consist of the immediate supervisor, department head, or business manager. The department, cost center(s) must be listed. If multiple cost centers are used the cost center percentages must equal 100%.
  5. After departmental approval, forms must be certified by HR. Employees may obtain Human Resources signatures as early as:
    1. FALL Semester- July 1st
    2. SPRING Semester- December 1st
    3. SUMMER Semester- April 1st
      *Some institutions may require approval dates other than those listed above. Please contact your institution prior to completion of forms.
  6. The employee will submit approved forms to the Bursars Office of the school that you are attending. Some schools may require originals.
  7. Maintain a copy for your personal files.
  8. UT Foundation employees must have the entire form completed including regular continuous service date and 2 departmental signatures prior to forwarding to HR.

** Notify the UTHSC Benefits office and your institution’s Bursars office of any changes made to the fee waiver.

HR0330-H – Educational Assistance (Fee Waiver)
Version: 1 // Effective: 04/01/1977
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