HR0320-H Administrative Closing and Inclement Weather




Effective Date: 03/10/2014

Category: Human Resources

Last Review: 08/30/2018

Next Review: 08/30/2021

Contact: Human Resources

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To designate days of administrative closing at the Health Science Center set forth by the Chancellor of their Designee.

Administrative Closing Days Declared in Advance

University policy states, “Certain days, such as the Friday after Thanksgiving Day and during the week of Christmas when classes are not in session, may be designated each year by the chief administrator of a campus or unit as days of administrative closing. During these days, regular employees in an active pay status will be granted time off from work with pay. If the employee’s normal day off falls on a day of administrative closing, an equivalent day off with pay will be granted or if staff non-exempt, the employee may be paid for the day.”

“Payment for days of administrative closing declared in advance should be made in accordance with the provisions specified in University Policy # 350, Holidays. Part time employees receive the benefit on a pro rata basis.”

Compensation for Emergency Closings

At times it may be necessary for the Chancellor to declare specific hours as administrative closing as a result of inclement weather or other emergency situations. Regular employees who are scheduled to work will be granted time off with pay. Payment for emergency administrative closing should be made in accordance with the payment provisions specified in University Policy #350 Holidays. If emergency administrative closing has not been declared and an employee is prevented from reporting to work annual leave or leave without pay will be charged or the employee may be allowed to make up time lost within the same work week.

The departmental timekeeper has responsibility for reporting administrative leave taken.

HSC Inclement Weather Procedure

The UTHSC will not close except in the most severe weather conditions.

In the event of inclement weather when the HSC remains open, all executive staff, faculty, and staff (exempt and non-exempt) employees will be expected to make every reasonable effort to maintain their regular work schedules, but are advised to avoid undue risks in travel. Employees who anticipate arriving late or not arriving at work at all should notify the immediate supervisors. Leave without pay or annual leave will be charged or the employees may be allowed to make up the time lost within the same work week if the nature of the job and the operations affected permit the makeup of the lost time.

The Chancellor may officially close or suspend classes and certain other operations of the campus because of extreme weather conditions. Administrative closing due to inclement weather will be decided on a day-by-day basis. Deans, vice chancellors, campus police personnel, communications staff and university operators will be notified by phone of any decision to close or suspend activities at the HSC.

Health Science Center students, faculty and staff will be informed of the campus’ status in various: (1) a telephone “hot” line with up-to-the-minute information (901 448 8423), and appropriate announcements over local radio and TV stations. As the “hot line” can provide the most up-to-date information, it will be the official source for the Inclement Weather Policy.

Clinical Operations and Closures

HSC patient care and clinic areas will close only if adequate arrangements can be made to reschedule patient appointments or to care for patients in the clinic.

Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities

The Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities is subject to Shelby County School System inclement weather policy.

Essential Services

If the HSC campus is officially closed or certain activities suspended, essential services will remain open. These activities include those that maintain the campus environment, ensure its safety, and provide patient services, as well as those that maintain and operate critical research resources. Specifically, services related to Campus Police; Plant Engineering energy operations, grounds and safety activities; communications; student services; and other related services will continue to be provided as will patient care activities. Deans or vice chancellors will be responsible for identifying and arranging for such services for their areas of responsibility. College or administrative units will be responsible for establishing and implementing appropriate procedures to advise students, faculty, staff and patients of closings.

Off-Campus Employees

HSC employees assigned to facilities not operated by UT (e.g., Le Bonheur, the MED, St. Francis, UTMG, VA Hospital) generally adhere to the policy governing the facility in which they are located; however, college or administrative units should address such special circumstances in their area’s procedures related to closings.

HR0320-H Administrative Closing and Inclement Weather
Version: 1 // Effective: 03/10/2014
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