HR0315-UTSA – Court Leave Procedures

Court Leave Procedures

  1. Excused Absences from Work
    1. Upon receipt of a summons to jury duty or subpoena as a witness, the employee will provide a copy of the summons or subpoena to their supervisor as soon as practicable but no later than the employee’s next workday.
    2. Employees will be excused from work for the entire workday when jury duty or witness duty exceeds three (3) hours (including traveling to/from court).
    3. Employees are expected to return to work for the remainder of the workday when jury duty or witness duty is less than three (3) hours.
  2. Night Shift Employees
    1. An employee summoned for jury or witness duty who is scheduled to work a night shift or during hours preceding regular court hours will be excused from work on the shift immediately preceding the employee’s first day of service.
    2. After the first day of service, when the employee’s jury or witness duty is three (3) or more hours during a day, he/she will be excused from the next shift if it occurs within twenty-four (24) hours of that day of jury or witness service.
  3. Time Reporting
    1. Employees are expected to accurately report their actual time spent serving on jury duty or as a witness (including traveling to/from court) in accordance with FI0930 – Payroll.
    2. Employees should record their jury duty and witness time as Court Leave.

HR0315-UTSA – Court Leave Procedures
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