HR0129-H – Performance Review


Resp. Office: HUMAN


Effective Date: 02/01/2014

Category: Compensation

Last Review: 08/24/2018

Next Review: 08/24/2021

Contact: Damon Davis

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The purpose of the performance review is for the supervisor and the employee to:

  • Review current performance
  • Review performance of the past year
  • Document and highlight past accomplishments
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Identify work goals and performance standards for the coming year
  • Initiate professional development opportunities


All regular staff exempt and non-exempt employees.


Annual Review Required

Supervisors are required to conduct annual progress reviews with regular staff exempt and non-exempt employees who report to them. The review period covers a calendar year and should be completed by March 31 of the new calendar year.

Setting a Review Appointment

Inform the employee approximately two weeks in advance of your intention to review their performance, and schedule a day and time for the review. Make sure the review takes place on this date unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Employee Self-Assessment

It is highly recommended to ask the employee to complete a self-assessment for the supervisor prior to the supervisor’s evaluation. If the supervisor anticipates performance issues, discuss those with the employee prior to writing the performance review.

Performance Review Documents

Supervisors will complete the appropriate Performance Review documents. The performance review documents, including instructions for each, may be found on the Human Resources website. The Performance Review Summary Form should be completed on every employee. Department directors or heads should then review and sign the performance documents prior to the actual review taking place.

The Performance Review Meeting

Make sure the review meeting is held in a confidential manner behind closed doors. Put the employee at ease. Review the ratings and encourage the employee to comment on past performance, accomplishments or obstacles to progress and future goals. Keep the evaluation work-related. Do not address personal traits or personal issues. Interpersonal communication and behavior may be discussed, but they must have a demonstrated effect on the employee’s work and/or other employees’ abilities to get their jobs done. Take a break in the discussion for reconvening at a later date if the discussion is unproductive.

Actions Required by Review Outcomes

Additional actions may be required, as noted below:

  • “Rarely Achieves Expectations” or “Consistently Exceeds Expectations”. Additional documentation should be submitted, indicating specific areas of deficiency or extraordinary accomplishment. This may be accomplished by using the Performance Review Detail Form. In the case of a “Rarely Achieves Expectations” review, a performance improvement plan detailing specific expectations to achieving acceptable performance is filed. An employee shall not be given a “Rarely Achieves Expectations” rating without prior documentation, oral or written, that performance was deficient.
  • “Sometimes Achieves Expectations”, “Fully Achieves Expectations”, or “Fully Achieves and Occasionally Exceeds Expectations”. Performance evaluations with these ratings are maintained in the employee’s permanent record in Human Resources. Quarterly reviews of the performance evaluation should be performed with the employee to ensure the employee is remaining on track with goals, objectives, and job expectations.
  • A copy of each employee’s Summary Form should be submitted to Human Resources for inclusion in the employee’s personnel record.

Closing the Review

When the performance review is complete, the employee should sign the Performance Review documents. The signature indicates that the employee has read the documents, not that they agrees with the contents. If the employee refuses to sign the form, indicate this on the form. The employee should be provided a copy of the Performance Review documents. If the employee disagrees with the evaluation, they may share their concerns with the next level of management and/or may submit a written rebuttal to be placed in the personnel record. All performance reviews must be signed by the director of the department.

HR0129-H – Performance Review
Version: 1 // Effective: 02/01/2014
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