HR0125-H – Employee Clearance and Exit Interviews




Effective Date: 04/01/1977

Category: Employment

Last Review: 08/30/2018

Next Review: 08/30/2021

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To solicit employees’ concerns about their work experience at the University and their reasons for leaving, to secure return of University property, and to guard against unjustified unemployment compensation. (See also Personnel Procedure #160 Termination of Employment)


In accordance with the University policy, the following campus policy and procedure governing exit clearance provides steps for ensuring that all University property is obtained and outstanding obligations paid prior to an employee’s termination.

  1. Each faculty member, executive staff, or staff exempt, staff non-exempt employee, terminating, retiring or taking a leave of absence without pay is responsible for settling all outstanding obligations and for securing the clearance indicated on the Employee Clearance Record before a final paycheck will be issued.
  2. When an employee notifies the department of a resignation, retirement or leave of absence or when an employee is terminated the base department is responsible for advising the employee of the exit clearance procedure and for promptly initiating a Termination Request in IRIS and other termination documents.
  3. If a leave of absence is for a period of four months or less, identification cards, keys or other items normally relinquished at the onset of the leave may remain in the custody of the department and be reassigned to the employee upon return to active status.
  4. Any outstanding obligation listed on the Electronic Exit Clearance Form will be collected or deducted by the Payroll Office before authorizing issuance of a final paycheck. (See Procedure #475 Wage and Salary Payments)
  5. The terminating employee’s final payment may be made through direct deposit if the Electronic Exit Clearance Form has been cleared and received in the Payroll Office prior to finalization of the regular payroll for that period. If exit clearance materials have not been received the Payroll Office will issue an order to stop the direct deposit and will hold the payment until the department or the employee provides completed exit clearance materials. The department or the employee should then advise the Payroll Office if the final payment will be picked up or should be mailed.
  6. The employee’s base department should notify Campus Police if University or personal property is to be removed from the University outside regular working hours.

HR0125-H – Employee Clearance and Exit Interviews
Version: 1 // Effective: 04/01/1977
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