GE0001-S Procedure on Procedures at UT Southern


This Procedure states UT Southern’s processes for enacting departmental, divisional, and campus procedures.


This Procedure applies campus-wide. UT Southern’s Procedures may be more restrictive than UT System Policies and Procedures.


  1. Department and Divisional Procedures
    1. Development:
      1. Departments and divisions may establish department or division-specific procedures, provided that the department or division procedures are not inconsistent with, or less restrictive than, University policies and campus procedures.
      2. Departments and divisions cannot issue campus procedures or University policies or University procedures.
    2. Approval and Maintenance:
      1. Departments and division heads may establish internal procedures for reviewing and approving department or division procedures.
      2. Departments and division heads must maintain any internal procedures to ensure that the procedures are accurate and updated. UT Southern recommends that its departments and divisions review their internal procedures at least once per year.
    3. Publication:
      1. Departments and Divisions will provide final copies of internal procedures to the Chief Business Officer, and the Chief Business Office will ensure that the departmental and divisional procedures are published on the following website:
      2. Departments and divisions must notify the Chief Business Officer when the department or division updates their policies by sending a revised version to the Chief Business Officer within 2 business days of the department or division finalizing the procedure.
  2. Campus-wide Procedures, Excluding Student and Faculty Handbooks
    1. Development:
      1. The Chancellor’s direct reports may propose the following related to campus-wide procedures: creation, modification, or removal.
      2. The UT Southern Chancellor’s cabinet approves all policies established for UT Southern, except for student and academic handbooks.
    2. Approval and Maintenance
      1. The Chancellor’s cabinet must ensure that all campus procedures posted on the UT System policy website are accurately reflected on the UT System policy website.
      2. UT Southern will ensure that its Chancellor and the Chancellor review the all posted campus procedures no less than once every two years.
    3. Publication
      1. The University System’s main policy website houses all system-wide policies and all campus-wide procedures.
  3. Student Handbook and Faculty Handbook
    1. Student Handbook
      1. Publication
        1. Two senior-level officials, UT Southern’s Dean of Students, and UT Southern’s Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, manage the publication of UT Southern’s student handbook.
        2. UT Southern will post its student handbook on this website:
      2. Revising
        1. The Dean of Students will coordinate with applicable UT Southern departments to ensure that each department provides up-to-date information to the Dean of Students.
        2. The Dean of Students will provide the updated draft to the Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs for review. If the Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, the Dean or the Vice Chancellor will ensure that the Director of Publications & Website Development publishes the revised version on the UT Southern website that contains the student handbook.
    2. Faculty Handbook
      1. Publication
        1. UT Southern will publish its current faculty handbook on this website:
      2. Revising
        1. UT Southern will comply with Board of Trustees policy BT0007 regarding revisions to the faculty handbook.

Penalties/Disciplinary Action for Non-Compliance

Describe the appropriate sanctions for non-compliance, if any, such as disciplinary action of employees or students and/or civil or criminal penalties.

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GE0001-S Procedure on Procedures at UT Southern
Version: 1 // Effective: 06/23/2023
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