FI0730-K Cellular Telephones and Other Wireless Communications Devices

Knoxville Campus Policy:

FI0730-K Cellular Telephones and Other Wireless Communications Devices

Version 1

Effective Date: 04/27/2018

Office of Budget and Finance

Cellular Telephones and Other Wireless Communication Devices – Fiscal Policy FI0730


The purpose of Fiscal Policy FI0730 is to acknowledge the University recognizes that cellular telephones, smart phones, data plans, and the ability to remotely connect to the Internet are routinely needed by various employees to efficiently perform their University responsibilities.

In addition to this policy and in an effort to be paperless with the approval process, a form requesting approval will not be required. However upon submitting the (RPR) Recurring Pay Request

(ZPRECPAY000) transaction in IRIS, the justification must be included in or attached to this document. Examples of justification include: job functions require monitoring of emails or phone messages, equipment, software after hours or while on travel; working at another remote location or on-call for various departments.

Also with the RPR form, the submitter must state in the workflow notes that the employee requesting the allowance has read and understands the Fiscal Policy FI0730 and the University’s ACCEPTABLE USE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES POLICY IT0110, both of which apply not only to University devices but also to personal devices used to store, process or transmit University information or that are otherwise connected to University information technology resources.

With the RPR and the workflow notes, the request for approval can be reviewed without an additional form.

Questions regarding the supplemental policy should be directed to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration 865-974-4204.

FI0730-K Cellular Telephones and Other Wireless Communications Devices
Version: 1 // Effective: 04/27/2018
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