FI0705-S – Travel


This procedure states UT Southern’s travel procedures. UT Southern’s employees will comply with the university’s travel policy, and they will comply with this procedure. Where this procedure conflicts with the travel policy, this procedure prevails for UT Southern’s employees.


This procedure applies to all UT Southern employees.


UT Southern’s employees who are on travel status must comply with this procedure.


  1. Meals at Actual Costs
    1. UT Southern will not pay employees a daily meal and incidental allowance.
    2. Instead of paying employees a daily meal and incidental allowance, UT Southern will reimburse employees for the lesser of:
      1. the actual costs of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or
      2. the CONUS rate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    3. Employees may seek reimbursement for gratuities (tips) that they paid to restaurant staff, up to 20% per meal.
  2. Alcohol Prohibited
    1. Employees may not file for reimbursement of alcoholic beverages.
  3. Receipts
    1. Employees must provide a scanned or photographed copy of an original, itemized receipt for each meal. UT Southern will not accept receipts that lack line-items.
    2. Credit card statements do not qualify as receipts.
  4. Distance
    1. UT Southern will not reimburse for meals that the employee eats within 25 miles from their home while an employee is in travel status.

Penalties/Disciplinary Action for Non-Compliance

UT Southern will not pay any travel reimbursement requests that fail to comply with this procedure.

FI0705-S – Travel
Version: 1 // Effective: 06/07/2022
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