FI0610-H – Surplus Property

UT Health Science Center: FI0610-H Surplus Property

No./Title: F610 – Surplus Property

Resp. Office: FINANCE

Effective Date: 01/02/2018

Category: Surplus

Last Review: 04/21/2022

Next Review: 04/20/2024

Contact: Jonathan Lawshe

 901.448-2325


Forms: S-1 S-3

Related Policies: FI0610 – Surplus Property

    To provide procedures to be followed in disposing of surplus property at UTHSC University Fiscal Policy FI0610 Surplus Property outlines the policies and procedures. The University policy should be used as the official reference with the exception of or in addition to the notations below.
    University of Tennessee Fiscal Policy FI0610 – Surplus Property sets forth policies related to Surplus. This policy applies to faculty and staff.
    Policy Item 1. At UTHSC, Facilities Administration is responsible for moving surplus property; Purchasing Services/Surplus Property has administrative responsibility for the warehousing, sale and disposition of surplus property; and, Accounts Payable has administrative responsibility for the equipment inventory.
    Policy Item 2 (a). All inventoried (tagged) and non-inventoried (untagged) items being sent to Surplus must be listed on UTHSC Surplus Property Transaction Forms. Completeness of the forms are required and Surplus Property has the right to turn down the pick up if all of the information is not complete. There is no cost to the department(s) for pickup and delivery of surplus property.

    Policy Item 2 (b). To declare University property surplus, departments complete the appropriate form(s) online (no handwritten forms are accepted), sign and forward electronically to Surplus at or fax to 901-448-2960. UTHSC campus utilizes the following Surplus Property Transaction Forms for all items to be surplussed:
    1. S-1 Surplus Property Transaction Form is for everything designated as surplus. S- 1 forms are submitted directly to Surplus for review and forwarded to Facilities Administration for pick up and/or individual surplussed items can be re-purposed directly to other campus departments before being brought over to Surplus.
    2. S-3 Surplus Equipment Decontamination Form is used for particular line items listed on S-1’s that are considered Biohazard, Hazardous Chemicals and/or Radioactive Materials. The form certifies an item has been decontaminated.

S-1 and S-3 forms are located at the links listed below.

Policy Item 2 (c). Completed UTHSC Surplus Property Transaction Forms submitted by departments are forwarded to Surplus Property for review and all completed and approved form(s) are transmitted to Facilities Administration to schedule pickup.

Logistics personnel take possession of the items from the departments and sign off on the form(s) indicating receipt of surplus. Logistics personnel deliver surplus to Surplus Property and Surplus personnel verify items are received and sign the form(s) after receipt of the items into Surplus Property.

Policy Item 2 (d). Director of Procurement Services or a delegate signs all completed S-1 forms after surplus is received, and then scans all forms to maintain receipts electronically. Scanned forms are submitted electronically to departments for record retention for six (6) years. Departments do not need to forward a copy to the Controller’s Office as this task is accomplished as Surplus also provides scanned forms to Accounts Payable to initiate removal and transfer of inventoried items.

Policy Items 3-11. Surplus Property has responsibility for these activities.

FI0610-H – Surplus Property
Version: // Effective: 01/02/2018
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