FI0430-H – Receiving Materials

No./Title: F430 – Receiving Materials

Resp. Office: FINANCE

Effective Date: 07/01/2016

Category: Procurement

Last Review: 12/18/2018

Next Review: 06/24/2021

Contact: Jonathan Lawshe, Director

Procurement Services

🕿 901.448.2325


Related Policies: FI0430 Receiving Materials FI0120 – Records Management


University Fiscal Policy – FI0430 Receiving Materials sets forth in detail the procedures and guidelines to be followed by departments and offices in receiving materials, supplies and equipment and should be utilized as the official reference except for the items noted below as specific to the Health Science Center (HSC).


  • The HSC has no central receiving unit and therefore goods ordered through the Purchasing Office or directly by the department are delivered to the requesting department.
  • At the HSC the department has administrative responsibility for maintaining all documentation involved in the requesting of and payment for services and goods. Refer to Fiscal Policy FI0150 – Records Management for length of time such records must be maintained.
  • Departments will be audited periodically to determine that University ordering and payment processes have been followed and to assure that appropriate records are being maintained.

FI0430-H – Receiving Materials
Version: 1 // Effective: 07/01/2016
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