FI0325-H – Vending and Solicitations on Campus

No./Title: F325 – Vending and Solicitations

Resp. Office: FINANCE

Effective Date: 03/01/2018

Category: Compliance

Last Review: 02/14/2020

Next Review: 02/14/2022

Contact: Melanie Burlison, Assistant Vice Chancellor

Institutional Compliance Office

🕿 901.448.8030


Related Policies: FI0325 – Vending and Solicitations on the University Campus FI0717 – Employee Gift Acceptance


University Fiscal Policy FI0325 – Vending and Solicitations on the University Campus is the official reference for the Health Science Center (HSC). The University does not permit the operation of any concession such as vending machines or any other sales operation, the profits of which solely go to private individuals or groups, students, or faculty.


  1. The University wishes to guard against deceptive promotional incentives and solicitation practices on its campuses and does not wish for its faculty, staff, or students to be unfairly lured into buying any products or services through on-campus solicitations. This policy also applies to the marketing of credit cards and fundraising events such as bake sales.
  2. These on-campus events require prior approval. The process for requesting approval is as follows:
    1. The private individual or group, faculty, staff, or student organization shall prepare a written request that includes: (1) purpose of the event; (2) who will receive the proceeds; (3) what the proceeds will be used for; (4) date and time of the event; and (5) location.
    2. The request shall include a point of contact and be provided to Melanie Burlison ( no less than 30 days of the anticipated date of the event.
    3. The Chief Business Officer and the Executive Vice Chancellor will review the request and the point of contact will be notified whether or not the request is approved.

Any solicitations made must also comply with Fiscal Policy FI0717 – Employee Gift Acceptance.

FI0325-H – Vending and Solicitations on Campus
Version: 1 // Effective: 03/01/2018
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