FI0320-H – Indicia Licensing, Promotions, and Sponsorships

No./Title: F320 – Indicia Licensing, Promotions,
and Sponsorships

Resp. Office: Communications and Marketing

Effective Date: 05/02/2019

Category: Compliance

Last Review: 05/02/2019

Next Review: 05/02/2022

Contact: Sally Badoud, Assistant Vice Chancellor,

Communications and Marketing

Phone: 901.448.4957


Related Policies: FI0320 – Indicia Licensing, Promotions, and Sponsorships and UT Graphic Identity Standards


University Fiscal Policy FI0320 – Indicia Licensing, Promotions, and Sponsorships provides guidelines for use of the UT logo and the UTHSC signature by student organizations. The policy applies to everyone involved in the production of materials or products bearing the UTHSC name, image, or logo whether for personal use or a philanthropic/fundraising event. Specifics of the UTHSC policy are set out below.


  1. Only those student organizations that are officially recognized by the Office of Student Life are permitted to use the University of Tennessee trademarks and UTHSC signature in conjunction with their name.
  2. To ensure consistency in the use of the University’s name and logos, all products, signage, or packaging bearing reference to the University of Tennessee must be produced by manufacturers licensed through the University’s licensing agent, the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). The UT system and the UTHSC Purchasing Office maintain a list of approved campus suppliers and licensees.
  3. Those wishing to sell a product bearing the university’s name, image, logos, or other trademarks as part of a philanthropic or other fundraising event, must submit a solicitation request and receive approval through the Office of Student Life. Additionally, items must be approved by the UT Office of Trademark Licensing before being produced.
  4. Any use of the UT or UTHSC logo must adhere to the UT System and UTHSC Branding Guidelines.
  5. The Office of Communications and Marketing serves as a resource for those needing assistance with the design and production of their products.

FI0320-H – Indicia Licensing, Promotions, and Sponsorships
Version: // Effective: 05/02/2019
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