FI0120b-H Records Management Inventory and Retention Form

Temporary Box # of _

Records Inventory & Retention Form

University of Tennessee Records Management Department 220 S. Dudley Street, Memphis, TN 38104

Phone: (901) 448-8471

Dept. Code# College#

  1. Department Name
  2. Department Account #
  3. Current Box Location
  4. Contact Person
  5. Contact Phone #
  6. Contacts Campus Address
  7. Dept. Head Approval Sign./Date
  8. Records Title:
  9. Description
  10. File Arrangement: Alphabetical, Numerical, Other
  11. Date Range of box contents from to
  12. How many years do you need to store these files?

Summary of box contents – 39 Characters only- including Spaces – for report purposes

15 Characters only- including spaces – for report purposes


PERM. Box # Aisle Shelf Row Box Forms Received: Records Received Date Entered Destroy Date:

Records Management Department

Return completed form to 308 Hyman (Libraries/Documents/RECORDS Management/2016/New Sheet & Instructions2016)

FI0120b-H Records Management Inventory and Retention Form
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