FI00003-K Apple App Volume Purchases

Knoxville Campus Policy: FI00003-K Apple App Volume Purchases

Version 1

Effective Date: 04/27/2018

Office of Budget and Finance

Apple “App” Volume Purchase Procedure


To Provide Guidelines on departmental purchases of “Apps” for Apple devices.

Departmental “App” Purchases from Voltech

  1. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Voltech Store can provide an avenue for departments to have controlled access to the Apple “app” Store with tax exemption status by using the Apple Volume Purchase Agreement. Only “apps” relevant to the college/department as determined by the respective department head can be purchased through this program.
  2. Each department must create a Departmental iTunes account. Some facilitators are also the tech support for a department and may choose to do all installs for the faculty/staff in their department to maintain tighter control on the account. Departmental iTunes accounts cannot have a credit card attached to the account. In no event should a University procurement card be used to purchase an “app” regardless of its relevance to departmental needs.
  3. All departmental purchases must follow the steps outlined below:
    • Step #1 – Department/College must identify a staff or faculty member who will serve as the program facilitator for their area. The program facilitator can purchase a department voucher in increments of $100, $500, or $1,000 ($100 minimum required) from Voltech by providing the appropriate department cost center or WBS element.
    • Step #2 – Faculty or staff member submits an “app” request to the program facilitator.
    • Step #3 – Program facilitator provides the “app” code from the volume site and provides it to the student, faculty or staff member who can then login to their personal iTunes account and download the “app” to their Apple device. If multiple copies of an “app” are needed for departmental use, the volume “app” store will allow for special discounts.
    • Step #4 – Login to the iTunes Volume “App” Store. Click on redeem a voucher and enter the voucher code. There will be a separate code for each “app” you purchase. Each user is responsible for syncing and backing up devices on your respective user account.
  4. Departments may not exceed $1,000 in vouchers on their iTunes account at any time. Also, the University’s procurement card may not be used for this purchase, as well as personal credit cards. Vouchers do not expire and cannot be split over multiple accounts. The GL expense code to be used is 439200 Computer Software.
  5. VolTech will not issue a refund for vouchers purchased regardless of the amount.
  6. Purchase for “apps” on sponsored projects must have prior approval by sponsored agency.

Reconciling Purchases

The program facilitator shall have access to a monthly report provided by Apple detailing all purchases made with the voucher. This should be reviewed for accuracy by the program facilitator and approved by the department head. Free “apps” can be downloaded on the same University iTunes account; however, these must receive approval from the program facilitator on University owned iPads. Departmental “apps” can be installed on an employee’s personal Apple device by following the previously mentioned approval process. If the employee terminates employment with the University the department head should determine whether any departmental purchased “apps” need to be removed.

Exceptions: Any exceptions to this policy including the amount must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration or designee.

All “app” purchases should conform to University Fiscal Policy FI0405 Purchasing – General Policies regarding restrictions on certain purchases.

Questions regarding the policy should be directed to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration 865-974-4204.

FI00003-K Apple App Volume Purchases
Version: 1 // Effective: 04/27/2018
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