EM123 – Federal Work Study Policy

No./Title: EM123 – Federal Work Study Policy


Approval Body: Vice Chancellor AFSA

Effective Date: 10/15/2019

Category: Students

Last Review: 10/15/2019

Next Review: 10/15/2022

Contact: Director of Financial Aid

🕿 901.448.2745

🖂 fao@uthsc.edu


Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a federally funded program based on financial need that allows students to work part time. Funds that are earned through employment will assist students in their educational expenses. This program provides part-time jobs for students with significant financial need and is administered by a FWS Coordinator and the Office of Financial Aid, in accordance with the law, federal regulations, and with instructions from the United States Department of Education.

Students who participate in the program have an opportunity to work on- or off-campus in order to earn money to help with school expenses while gaining valuable work experience. Participation in the FWS program can be beneficial for students in the following ways:

  • Help pay for education and other related expenses
  • Encourage community service and work related to a student’s field of study
  • Gain valuable work experience and build relationships in on- and off-campus communities
  • Improve time management, communication, organizational and budgeting skills
  • Help to further develop a student’s resume and professional experiences
  • Reference or recommendation for future employment
  • Contribute to University operations, student life, and campus and local community

Student Eligibility REQUIREMENTS

In order to be eligible for a Federal Work Study award, students must:

  • Meet ALL institutional financial aid application and document deadlines.
  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Demonstrate significant financial need as determined by the federal government and the Office of Financial Aid
  • Meet all federal financial aid eligibility regulations as required by the Department of Education and University of Tennessee Health Science Center.
  • Have his/her financial aid file verified by the Office of Financial Aid, and receive email confirmation of an approved FWS award.
  • Demonstrate full-time enrollment (or enrollment for at least 6 credits) in a degree-seeking program
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress standards as required by UTHSC and the Department of Education
  • Not have defaulted on or owe a repayment to any federal aid program received for study at another institution
  • Complete all employment authorization forms, identification and tax documents as required by state and local government agencies

Application Deadlines

Students must meet all financial aid deadlines in order to be considered and/or approved (if eligible) for a FWS award. These deadlines will be posted on the Federal Work Study website: https://www.uthsc.edu/financial-aid/types/federal-work-study-program.php

Employment Opportunities

Federal Work Study jobs are available on Campus and Off-Campus and are posted on the Federal Work Student Job Listing website https://www.uthsc.edu/financial-aid/types/federal-work-study-job-listings.php

Obtaining Employment

Interested Students should contact the Office of Financial Aid to confirm all financial aid paperwork is complete and filed before they can start to work.

Federal Work Study Coordinator will inform students about the various on campus jobs.

  1. Student must complete the Federal Work Study Application
  2. Department Supervisor may request an interview with student.
  3. The student must complete and submit all paperwork to the Federal Work Study Coordinator or to the One Stop Shop (OSS) front desk (910 Madison 1st Floor). After all required documents are submitted to Human Resources and approved, the Federal Work Study Coordinator sends the student and supervisor an email to UTHSC email address to notify them that the student is approved to begin work and the official start date.


Students must complete a timesheet, sign it and have the supervisor or designee sign it before it can be processed. Any incorrect timesheets received will be sent back to the supervisor or designee.

All completed and signed timesheets are submitted electronically to workstudy@uthsc.edu for processing. All timesheets are due the Monday after the pay period ends.

  • Late Timesheets will result in a delay in receiving payment.
  • Incorrect timesheets will be sent back to the supervisor or designee. This may cause a payment delay.
  • Falsification of timesheets will result in immediate suspension with potential termination from Federal Work Study Program without the right to appeal any decision.
  • Student payroll is disbursed twice a month.
  • A copy of the UTHSC Payroll Schedule is posted on the federal work-study timesheet which is located on the UTHSC website https://www.uthsc.edu/financial-aid/forms/documents/time-sheet-report.pdf

Pay Rate/Hours

  • Students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week. For the current Academic Year Federal Work Study Student pay rate is according to the federal minimum wage scale.
  • Student may earn up to their awarded amount.
  • Total earnings are based on a campus-wide Federal allocation.
  • Federal Work Study earnings not used will result in a decrease of your awarded amount.
  • The Office of Financial Aid office tracks student earnings. Any over usage will not be paid, and timesheet will be sent back to supervisor.

Breaks and Holidays

When classes are not in session or during scheduled breaks student are allowed to work. Supervisor’s advance approval is required in order to work longer hours.

Rehire Procedure

Students must notify the Office of Financial Aid and the supervisor in writing if the student is interested in returning to a previous position.

  • Student financial aid hiring data must be reviewed and updated, as needed.
  • The supervisor notifies the Financial Work Study Coordinator of the rehire approval.

Employment Termination

Due to the limited availability of funding, all students must meet Federal Work Study Eligibility requirements. Failure to attend classes while in session to work is not permitted. This action will result in termination of employment and an automatic cancellation of the student’s award.

Award Cancellations

Awards may be cancelled due to ineligibility as a result of a receipt of outside agency scholarship or grant award that creates an over award of need-based federal funding. Awards may also be cancelled if a student fails to meet financial aid application and verification document deadlines and/or to submit required employment forms by set deadlines.

Previous Year Awards

The receipt of an award and/or Federal Work Study earnings in a previous year(s) does not guarantee a future Federal Work Study award. All awards are annual and based on the student’s financial need, the student’s ability to meet all financial aid deadlines, and the availability of federal funding.


Effective: October 15, 2019, Office of Financial Aid

Approved: October 15, 2019, Vice Chancellor for Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs

EM123 – Federal Work Study Policy
Version: 1 // Effective: 10/15/2019
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