EM122 – Exit Counseling

No./Title: EM122 – Exit Counseling


Approval Body: Vice Chancellor AFSA

Effective Date: 10/15/2019

Category: Students

Last Review: 10/15/2019

Next Review: 10/15/2022

Contact: Director of Financial Aid

🕿 901.448.2745

🖂 fao@uthsc.edu


A loan borrower who is graduating, leaving school, or dropping below half-time enrollment is required to complete exit counseling. If the borrower drops out without notification to Financial Aid or the Registrar, UTHSC will confirm that he/she has completed online counseling or will mail exit counseling materials to him/her at his/her last known address.

Notification to Students

The Office of Financial Aid notifies students of their requirement to complete exit counseling through email and mail exit to the student’s last know address. Direct Student Loan borrowers may receive a print or PDF version of the Exit Counseling Guide for Federal Student Loan Borrowers to satisfy this requirement. The Office of Financial Aid mails and emails the notification within 30 days of learning that the borrower has withdrawn or failed to participate in an exit counseling session. Notification is documented in the student’s record. UTHSC is not required to use certified mail with return receipt requested if the materials are mailed but will document in the borrower’s file that the materials were sent. If the borrower did not provide updated contact information, UTHSC is not required to take further action.

Providing Borrower Information at Separation

Personal information collected for exit counseling by UTHSC will be given to the students’ loan servicer within 60 days. Students must authorize UTHSC to release information to lenders in the loan promissory note they signed. No further permission is needed. Students can complete loan exit counseling online at www.studentloans.gov to fulfill this requirement. NSLDS provides completion information to loan holders.

Counseling Methods

The Direct Loan Program offers exit counseling on the web for students. There is also PLUS Loan credit counseling for parents and graduate students. All counseling information can be found at www.studentloans.gov. UTHSC documents student participation in exit counseling in the student’s record.

Counseling Content

Content of exit loan counseling, available through the US DOE Federal Student Aid website (www.studentloans.gov), contains information loan basics; types of federal student loans; tools for estimating how much is owed/spending of the borrower/earning of the borrower; repayment plans and incentives; how to navigate repayment; avoiding default; forgive/cancel/discharge of student debt; delinquency and default of payment; records and dispute processes; loan consolidation; planning for the future concerning income, taxes, credit, and credit cards/borrowing; borrower/employer/reference information; and request for a repayment plan.


Effective: October 15, 2019, Office of Financial Aid

Approved: October 15, 2019, Vice Chancellor for Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs

EM122 – Exit Counseling
Version: 1 // Effective: 10/15/2019
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