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Academic Standing will be assigned at the end of each term of a student’s enrollment. There are three Academic Standing classifications at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC): Academic Good Standing, Academic Probation, and Academic Dismissal.


Scholastic regulations embody the academic standards of a University. The application of Academic Standing is directed toward upholding the academic standards of UTHSC and the college. Academic Standing at UTHSC sets forth conditions for Academic Good Standing, Academic Probation, and Academic Dismissal. These regulations are intended to state the academic standards and the consequent results of inadequate scholastic performance clearly enough that students, faculty, and administrators can know the academic action (if any) which would follow from a particular academic record.

UTHSC sets forth the following three Academic Standings:

Academic Good Standing:

Students in Academic Good Standing are meeting the minimal academic requirements to ensure scholastic performance required for graduation.

Academic Probation:

Students on Academic Probation do not meet the minimum requirements of progression for the degree as outlined in Academic Good Standing. Depending on the College or Program of Study, students are offered a period of time to improve their Academic Standing.

Academic Dismissal:

Students on Academic Dismissal are failing to meet the minimum academic requirements set forth by their College or Program of Study. Academically Dismissed students are not “Active Students”1 and must seek Reinstatement or Readmission to UTHSC and their Program of Study according to guidelines established by each College. See University Policy on Student Status During Academic Appeals.


Each college has an academic progress and promotion committee that recommends a student’s Academic Standing. The Dean of the College makes the final decision regarding a student’s Academic Standing. Changes in a student’s enrollment status regarding Academic Standing at UTHSC will be recorded by the Registrar’s Office, upon notification by the Dean, at the end of each term of the student’s enrollment and prior to the first day of University classes of the succeeding term. Students should refer to the “Academic Progress and Promotion” section of the Bulletin for College specific requirements and policies.

The following Enrollment Statuses as impacted by earned Academic Standing are assigned at the end of each term for each student:

Enrollment Status for Academic Good Standing

Enrollment Status for students in Academic Good Standing is that of an Active Student, eligible to enroll and participate according to University and College guidelines.

Enrollment Status for Academic Probation

Enrollment Status for students on Academic Probation is that of an Active Student, eligible to enroll and participate according to University and College guidelines.

Students on Academic Probation should consult with their College or Program of Study designee to determine any restrictions/stipulations imposed by their academic unit regarding their enrollment or future enrollment.

Enrollment Status for Academic Dismissal

Enrollment Status for students in Academic Dismissal is that of an Inactive Student, no longer eligible for enrollment or participation of academic pursuits.

The grade(s) recorded for coursework for a student on an Academic Dismissal will be determined by the timing of the student’s progress relative to the end of the term. Students should contact their Dean or designee to determine outcomes.

The official transcript will reflect Academic Dismissal after the term the student is dismissed.

For more detailed procedures, see the University Policy on Student Status During Academic Appeals.


Academic Standing is determined by the College/Program of Study. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is determined by The Office of Financial Aid at UTHSC. While very similar in their review of a student’s academic progression, Academic Standing determines a student’s academic eligibility for continued enrollment. Satisfactory Academic Progress determines a student’s eligibility for Federal and State financial aid. In order to maintain eligibility for financial aid, a student must meet SAP requirements, regardless of their Academic Standing.

For more information concerning SAP, please see the SA118 Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

1“Active Student” is a term used in Banner (Student Information System) to designate students who are registered (enrolled) for courses during a term and eligible to return for subsequent terms.


Effective: July 1, 2017

Approved: May 16, 2017 by the Committee of Academic and Student Affairs (CASA) Revised: November 6, 2018

Approved: November 6, 2018, CASA

Approved: November 28, 2018, Chancellor

Approved: December 7, 2021, CASA

Approved: January 26, 2022, Chief Academic Officer

EM120 – Academic Standing
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