COM126 Faculty Participation in Outside Residences – COM Faculty Affairs

No./Title: COM126 – COM Faculty Participation in Outside Residencies

Resp. Office: Faculty Affairs

Approval Body: Council of COM

Effective Date: 3/15/2022

Category: COM/Faculty

Last Review: new policy

Next Review: 2/01/2025

Contact: Polly Hofmann, Ph.D.

Sr. Assoc. Dean of Faculty Affairs

🕿 901-448-2464


Related Policy: Faculty Handbook 3.6


Full-time faculty in the College of Medicine (COM) are not permitted to serve in either a paid or unpaid capacity in non-UTHSC COM approved student (MD, DO, PA), residency or fellowship programs unless they have written approval of the Dean. Given that programs can span departments, department chairs are not permitted to approve compensated outside service by faculty for them to serve in any capacity in such programs.


Among the COM’s activities is the training of physicians and PAs in UTHSC’s medical student and residency programs. Several hospital systems and other institutions of higher education have and will be developing independent student, residency or fellowship programs. We respect these efforts. However, as the largest educator of physicians in the state of Tennessee, UT faculty must retain an unwavering focus on educating UTHSC trainees. UT COM has a broad and extensive educational mandate/objective – a mandate/objective which requires faculty full commitment. Further, faculty are employees of UT COM and have a duty to the College to act solely for the benefit of the College, in matters within the scope of employment, and must not engage in conduct that is contrary to the College’s interests. Non-UT approved programs are in direct competition with the programs offered by UT COM as they compete for the same pool of applicants and faculty time/resources.


A faculty member who proposes to serve in either a paid or unpaid capacity in non-UTHSC COM approved student, residency or fellowship programs, while maintaining a full-time academic appointment at UT, must notify the Chair and Dean in writing and in advance of assuming the proposed duties. Adequate notification time should be given to allow time for discussion by all parties and for written response from the Dean. If, after consultation with the Chair and the faculty member, it is the opinion of the Dean that the faculty member’s actions are not contrary to the College’s interest, the Dean will provide written approval for the faculty to proceed as proposed. Alternatively, it may be the opinion of the Dean that the proposed activity does not support the mission of UT COM. In such cases, the faculty member would be advised in writing, in a timely manner, that the proposed outside duties are not approved. Ultimately any change in duties must meet the needs of the college and UTHSC. Violation of this policy may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.


Effective: 03/15/21 Revised: N/A

COM126 Faculty Participation in Outside Residences – COM Faculty Affairs
Version: 1 // Effective: 03/15/2022
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