COM111 Media Capture of Live-Lecture Sessions in the Pre-Clerkship Phase – COM Medical Education

No./Title: COM111/Media Capture of Live-Lecture Sessions in the Pre-Clerkship Phase

Resp. Office: Medical Education

Approval Body: CUME

Effective Date: 03/16/20

Category: COM/UME

Last Review: N/A

Next Review: 03/16/23

Contact: Michael Whitt, Ph.D.

Assoc. Dean for Medical Education

🕿 901-448-4634


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AA119 — Recording of Faculty Lectures

Program: Medicine (M.D.)


It is the policy of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) College of Medicine (COM) that media capture methodology be used to record live didactic lecture or flipped classroom sessions in each course in the pre-clerkship phase of the curriculum. These recordings will be made available to students enrolled in those courses for purposes of off-site review.


  1. Faculty are encouraged to record/podcast all live-lecture sessions in COM pre-clinical courses.
    1. Media capture options include video recording, audio recording, and/or photography where feasible.
    2. Sessions will be broadcast as secure on-line streaming media as they are being recorded.
    3. Recordings will be stored on Mediasite (or similar UT-sanctioned server) and made available to the students currently enrolled in those courses.
    4. Session recordings may be used by the administration and/or course directors for purposes of quality improvement, faculty development, curricular review/revision, or in rare cases, as a substitute for a live lecture.
    5. Faculty may decline to capture/podcast specific sessions, including those that:
      1. include details about an actual patient;
      2. serve as reviews for exams;
      3. involve a team learning exercise;
      4. are best held in a classroom incapable of media capture.
  2. Notice will be provided to students regarding exceptions to the routine availability of recorded sessions.
    1. Non-recorded/Non-podcast calendar events will be designated “N.P.” in eMedley, and the designation “NOT PODCAST” will be included in the description for that event.
    2. Should there be a change in status such that an anticipated recording will not be available, it is the responsibility of the faculty instructor to notify the course director far enough in advance to provide a minimum 2-week notice so that students may plan to attend the live session, if desired. In the event that these notifications are not provided, sessions should be recorded and podcast as originally planned.
    3. Such notifications are not required for events excluded from an expectation of recording such as laboratory sessions, self-directed or team based learning or other small group sessions, clinicobasic science and clinicopathologic conferences, and SPEDS or other standardized-patient encounters.
  3. Access to recorded lectures is subject to the following guidelines:
    1. All recorded lectures will be hosted on a UTHSC secure server and accessed via an official UTHSC web site, and will require login using NetID and password.
    2. Students may not record lectures on any personal device without the express consent of the instructor. Students who have received permission to create or download personal copies of lecture recordings are required to destroy these copies after the course has concluded.
    3. Lecture recordings may not be disseminated to individuals outside the course. Under no circumstances may students post lectures on any social media platform.
    4. Improper use and distribution of faculty lecture recordings will be considered violations of the Honor Code.


Effective: 3/16/2020

Revised: N/A

COM111 Media Capture of Live-Lecture Sessions in the Pre-Clerkship Phase – COM Medical Education
Version: 1 // Effective: 03/16/2020
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