COHP115 Adjunct Teaching Recruitment and Evaluations Policy – Academic Policy

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COHP115 Adjunct Teaching Recruitment and Evaluations Policy– Academic Policy

No./Title: COHP115 Adjunct Teaching

Recruitment and Evaluations Policy


Approval Body: College Council

Effective Date: February 2019

Category: Faculty

Last Review: February 2019

Next Review: February


Contact: Hassan A Aziz

Faculty Affairs

 901.448.3164

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The College of Health Professions (COHP) employs adjunct faculty who are qualified to accomplish the teaching and learning goals of the academic programs in the College. This policy applies to adjunct faculty at COHP who are employed to provide instructional services, are neither tenured nor eligible for tenure, are appointed to teach specific courses, and are compensated on a course- by-course basis. All recruitment and selection policies and procedures shall reflect UTHSC and COHP commitment to equal opportunity and affirmative action


The purpose of this policy is to provide an assessment of faculty performance within the evaluation period and to provide feedback to faculty that can be used in the development of teaching skills. Adjunct instructors must receive a written teaching evaluation each academic year from the Department or program to which they are assigned. The Department Chair is the supervisor of record for all adjunct faculty teaching within the Department. The Chair must obtain an approval from the Dean’s Office before an adjunct faculty is asked to teach a course.


  • An adjunct faculty member is one who receives special payments for services performed on an irregular basis.
  • This policy does not apply to faculty members on a part time non-tenure track appointment. Part-time faculty should meet annually with the Department Chair for the Annual Performance and Planning Review.
  • This policy does not apply to affiliated or volunteer faculty appointments unless a “Term Special Pay” is included on the initial hire/rehire form placing them on payroll for services rendered to the Department other than those provided as a affiliated/volunteer faculty member. (Refer to Section 6.2.5 and 6.2.6 of the 2018 UTHSC Faculty Handbook)

Evaluation Process

  1. The Department Chairs must ensure that qualifications and credentials of adjunct faculty are appropriate to their field and curricular requirements.
  2. Departments can develop an evaluation form that is Department and curriculum specific.
  3. Student evaluations of all classes taught should be collected and are administered in accordance with procedures used for full-time faculty.
  4. All adjunct faculty will be observed in the instructional setting. An observation report should be used to develop and reinforce positive teaching behaviors. Observations is conducted according to the following schedule:
    1. First Two Terms: One instructional observation per term
    2. Third and Fourth Terms: One instructional observation per calendar year
    3. After the fourth term of service: The Chair may elect to reduce or eliminate classroom observations for those adjunct faculty members whose performance is deemed satisfactory by other evaluation measures.
  5. The Chair may request to review material used by the adjunct faculty in a particular course. This portfolio may include the course syllabus, supplemental teaching materials, and tests.
  6. Departments will use the evaluations to assist in determining if an adjunct faculty will be recruited in subsequent semesters.
  7. If an adjunct instructor receives two “unsatisfactory” evaluations, they should not be hired to teach for the Department again.


For each adjunct faculty employed, the hiring Department will maintain a complete file of materials that document the instructor’s teaching including:

  • Written evaluation(s) including student evaluation, instructional observation (if any)
  • Syllabi and other teaching materials and tests
  • Updated CV


Effective: February 2019

Approved: February 2019, COHP Dean

COHP115 Adjunct Teaching Recruitment and Evaluations Policy – Academic Policy
Version: // Effective: 02/01/2019
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