COHP105 Grading Policy – Academic Policy

UT Health Science Center: COHP105 Grading Policy– Academic Policy

No./Title: COHP105 Grading Policy


Approval Body: College Council

Effective Date: March 2019

Category: Academic

Last Review: March 2019

Next Review: March 2022

Contact: Hassan A. Aziz

Academic Affairs

 901.448.3164

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Introduction and Purpose

The Academic Programs in the College of health Professions (COHP) award letter grades based on numerical values as well as grades of pass/fail. The grading scale for each program is recorded in the UTHSC Academic Bulletin and provided on the course syllabus. The UTHSC Bulletin outlines the student performance criteria for each program and the academic progress and promotions committee process. In the COHP, the program faculty are responsible for determining the grading scale. It is the responsibility of the instructor of a course to describe the method of evaluation of each course. Grades are not considered final until reported to the Banner system.


Effective: March 2019

Approved: March 25, 2019, HPFO

Approved: March 27, 2019, COHP Dean

COHP105 Grading Policy – Academic Policy
Version: // Effective: 03/01/2019
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