COHP103 Credit Hour – Academic Policy

UT Health Science Center: COHP103 Credit Hour – Academic Policy

No./Title: COHP103 Credit Hour


Approval Body: College Council

Effective Date: March 2019

Category: Academic

Last Review: March 2019

Next Review: March 2022

Contact: Hassan A. Aziz

Academic Affairs

 901.448.3164

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The College of health Professions (COHP) follows the UTHSC Credit Hour policy for determining the appropriate number of credit hours for each course offering. The faculty in each program conduct a formal curriculum review and determine the appropriate credit hours for each course. If programmatic awarding of credit hours varies from UTHSC policy, then the program has a written procedure for calculation of credit hours.


For each course in the COHP, the departmental faculty determine the amount of credit awarded for undergraduate and graduate courses is compatible with sound academic practices.


  1. Departmental faculty meet and review the credit hour calculations for each course.
  2. Changes to the credit hours awarded for a course are approved by the departmental faculty.
  3. Departmental approved credit hour changes are presented to and approved by the COHP Curriculum Committee for the college.
  4. Credit hour changes are published in the catalog.
  5. Credit hours for each course to be offered the upcoming term are reviewed and confirmed during the catalog review process.


Effective: March 2019

Approved: March 25, 2019, HPFO Approved, : March 27, 2019, COHP Dean

COHP Credit Hour Policy

COHP103 Credit Hour – Academic Policy
Version: // Effective: 03/01/2019
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