CM0008-H Headshots


To create unified headshots across all University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) communications, marketing materials, and websites.


This policy establishes procedures for headshot scheduling, headshot requirements, and headshot utilization on website and marketing materials.


All UTHSC staff, faculty, residents, students, and Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) photography/ videography team.


  1. Headshot Appointment
    1. All headshots must be requested through the OCM Appointlet site:
    2. Please fill out all fields correctly on Appointlet
      1. Email address should be your UTHSC email
      2. First and last name
      3. Department or college – if you work in a department that is under a college, please just use the college name
      4. UTHSC NetID – If your NetID is different from your UTHSC email address, please use the correct NetID
      5. Status – faculty, staff, residents
      6. Have you had a headshot taken within a year?
      7. Do you need a white coat photo – all clinical staff, faculty, and residents must have a white coat photo taken. We have branded UTHSC white coats available for use in sizes small, medium, large, XL and 2X
    3. Once you have submitted the request you will receive a confirmation email from Appointlet. Please save this email until your headshot is taken. This email will provide you the date/time of the headshot appointment and instructions to get to the studio.
    4. If you need to cancel or reschedule, simply send an e-mail to for cancellation. You can schedule a new appointment time on the OCM Appointlet site (the same way you scheduled the first appointment).
    5. Once you have taken your headshot, there will be 5 – 10 business days of processing time before you receive your new headshot. You can only receive a maximum of two headshots (one in business attire and one in a white coat, if applicable), and a JPEG file will be sent out.
    6. If your headshot needs to be expedited due to news publication or award ceremony, please email explaining what you need it for and the deadline you need the headshot by.
    7. Due to the large volume of photos, we do not retouch the headshot. However, every headshot does get a softening filter, color correction, and cropping. Additionally, headshots retouched outside our office are not allowed and will not be considered official.
    8. If you are not satisfied with your headshot, you are welcome to schedule another appointment through Appointlet. However, your current headshot will be used as a placeholder until you retake your headshot.
    9. If you have not taken a new headshot in the past four years, please schedule a headshot appointment as soon as possible. Our goal is to keep our staff, faculty, and resident headshots up to date so everyone can be easily recognized.
  2. Headshot Requirements
    1. Headshot services are only provided to all UTHSC staff, faculty, and residents.
    2. Student headshots are only offered case-by-case scenarios. If your student needs a headshot, please email
    3. All headshots that are tied to UTHSC branded content (magazine, awards, website, etc.) MUST be taken by the UTHSC photographer. For exceptions, please see below.
    4. All headshots/environmental portraits that are taken by non-UTHSC photographers WILL LIKELY NOT be used in UTHSC branded content (magazine, awards, website, etc.). If you do not have an official UTHSC headshot, please schedule to take one through the OCM Appointlet site.
    5. Headshots that are taken by selfie stations, third party freelancers, and cellphones are only for personal use (LinkedIn, passport, residency applications, etc.). If you submit these headshots to OCM for use in official UTHSC communications and marketing materials, they will be rejected.
  3. Headshot Exceptions
    1. If you work outside the Memphis campus/greater Memphis area, we will accept an official hospital headshot, UT System headshot, or third-party headshots taken by approved/vetted vendors. However, this is a case-by-case exemption, and all non- UTHSC headshots must be submitted for review first.
    2. While the above headshot exception is possible, we highly recommend scheduling a UTHSC headshot the next time you are traveling to the Memphis campus. Email to schedule a headshot that fits around your travel schedule.

CM0008-H Headshots
Version: 1 // Effective: 10/02/2023
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