CM0007-H Stationery, Publications, and Printing


To ensure compliance with the UT System Brand Guide ( and UTHSC Branding Guidelines ( and Editorial Style ( To affirm the policies set forth by the UT System and the Tennessee Higher Education Publications Committee Publications Committee (THECPC) Printing and Publishing Guide. To assure all UTHSC publications are in alignment with the requirements of Tennessee Code Annotated, section 12-7-104-106.


All UTHSC staff, faculty, residents, and students involved in the procurement and production of printed stationery, publications, and printing.


Everyone involved in the procurement and production of printed stationery, publications, and printing.


  1. UTHSC Stationery: Letterhead and Envelopes
    1. UTHSC Print Services is the only printer authorized to print letterhead or envelopes.
    2. Print Services will consult with the Office Communications and Marketing (OCM) on unusual letterhead requests.
    3. UTHSC letterhead to be used for external communications may not be produced by individual colleges, offices, or departments.
    4. Personal names may not be printed on letterhead, envelopes, or pre-printed Interoffice memoranda. Exceptions may be granted by the Office of the Chancellor or OCM in instances of Advancement gift campaigns or similar activity.
    5. Use of UTHSC letterhead for personal correspondence is not appropriate.
    6. College, department, or unit identification (address and phone number) will be incorporated as shown in the UTHSC Branding Guidelines. Inclusion of the phone number, fax number, email address, or website is optional.
    7. No other logos may appear on UTHSC letterhead or envelopes, except as directed by the UT System and UTHSC Branding Guidelines and Editorial Style Guidelines.
  2. Business Cards
    1. UTHSC Print Services is the only printer authorized to print business cards.
    2. Print Services will consult with the OCM on unusual business card requests. Individual offices or departments may not create their own business cards.
    3. The official UTHSC business card is printed in accordance with the design set forth and provided to UTHSC Print Services by the OCM.
    4. Business cards are made available only to employees whose university responsibilities make it appropriate for the employee to have university business cards. This is determined by the department or unit’s director (vice chancellor, associate vice chancellor, dean, or chair).
    5. UTHSC academic titles may be included on UTHSC business cards. They are not permitted on business cards representing any other entity unless it is an approved joint venture with UTHSC or a faculty practice partnership. Questions about the use of academic titles will be approved by the Office of Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs.
    6. Business cards are available for purchase by graduate students or for those serving in a voluntary capacity for UTHSC. The official UTHSC graduate student business card is printed in accordance with the design set forth and provided to UTHSC Print Services by the OCM.
    7. The quantity of cards printed may not exceed 500. Budget- and unit-approved orders are placed directly with Print Services.
    8. Other employees desiring UTHSC business cards may make a personal purchase through the UTHSC Print Services.
  3. Publications

    Publications, including but not limited to electronic communications and PowerPoint presentations, must be in conformity with the guidelines set forth in the UT System and UTHSC Branding Guidelines, and/or the UT System or UTHSC Editorial Style Guidelines.
  4. Printing
    1. All publications, brochures, pamphlets, booklets, etc. should be printed on the UTHSC campus whenever feasible. UTHSC Print Services will determine when a publication may be printed by a non-university firm.
    2. All printing requests must be accompanied by a Print Services Request form, which is available online.
    3. Publications printed by non-university firms must be coordinated through the OCM, ordered through Procurement Services and must follow the criteria set forth in these and other guidelines and procedures related to logos and identity. Upon request, the OCM Department offers consultation in developing publications.
    4. Any publication printed at a facility other than the UTHSC Print Shop must include the printer’s name, address and the number of copies printed.
    5. By state law, the UTHSC Print Shop is required to keep a publications log showing all publications produced, other than standard forms such as purchase orders, housing and financial aid applications, employment applications, admissions applications, and the like. This log is annually submitted to the Higher Education Publications Committee, within 30 days of the close of each fiscal year. Information recorded and submitted shall include the following:
      1. Name of publication
      2. Department producing publication
      3. Purpose and brief description of publication’s contents, and brief description of how such publication serves the institution and the department, division or program producing such publication, and brief description of the audience for such publication
      4. Number of copies authorized to be printed
      5. A general list of distribution
      6. Estimated cost of printing and distribution
    6. For purposes of complying with the law, publications may be defined as any printed matter that is produced for general distribution outside the campus or unit. These require a publication number be assigned to them by UTHSC Print Services. Examples of publications that require a publication number are:
      1. Undergraduate and graduate catalogs
      2. Admissions applications (if printed separately, not as a part of a catalog)
      3. Housing applications
      4. Financial aid applications
      5. Brochures, posters, calendars, pamphlets, fliers and programs promoting cultural or athletic events
      6. Alumni and development solicitation materials
      7. Seminar and workshop registration forms and brochures
      8. Research project reports (if printed for general distribution to other than institutional officials and the sponsoring agency)
      9. Agricultural brochures and pamphlets
      10. Treasurer’s Reports and other financial documents provided to parties outside the institution
      11. Campus telephone directories
      12. Employee benefits booklets and posters
      13. Purchasing requests for bids
      14. Purchase orders
      15. Employment applications
      16. Placement forms
    7. Forms are included in the above as publications, pursuant to the addition of forms under the Committee’s purview. Other publications that must have a publication number, but are not as a rule produced for general public distribution are:
      1. Campus, college, and department newsletters
      2. Faculty and student handbooks
      3. Employee training manuals
    8. Certain printed materials intended solely for internal use may be excluded from the requirement that a publication number be affixed. Examples of such internal use publications are:
      1. Work processing forms for internal use, e.g., work orders, requisitions, transfer vouchers, voucher authorizations, vehicle requests, personnel action forms, and similar documents used solely for the internal processing of work
      2. Research project reports (if printed for distribution solely to institutional officials or the sponsoring agency)
      3. Research survey instruments
      4. Classroom testing instruments on instructional materials, workbooks, laboratory manuals, even if sold on consignment at a campus bookstore
      5. Personnel policy manuals
      6. Fiscal policy statements
      7. Grade reports
      8. Tickets for cultural and athletic events (whether distributed internally or externally)
      9. Student newspapers
      10. Student yearbooks
      11. Meal tickets
      12. Traffic citations

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CM0007-H Stationery, Publications, and Printing
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