CM0004-H Logo Usage


To assure the appropriate and consistent use of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) logo as defined by the UTHSC Branding Guidelines (


Any UTHSC staff, faculty, or students requesting the production of materials or communications bearing the UTHSC name, image, or logo.


This policy empowers the UTHSC Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) to serve as the arbiter for the appropriate use of the UTHSC logo and other marks and images used to represent the UT Health Science Center.


  1. UTHSC Logo: A combination of the UT icon and the UTHSC wordmark.
  2. UT Icon: A stylized and trademarked treatment of the letters “U” and “T,” incorporating the shape of the state of Tennessee.
  3. UTHSC Wordmark: The distinct, text-only typographic treatment of the words “The University of Tennessee Health Science Center”.


  1. Anyone producing materials, communications, or collateral items bearing the UTHSC name or logo will consult the most current version of the UTHSC Branding Guidelines ( for guidance in the correct use of these elements.
  2. All items bearing any UTHSC logo will be submitted to the OCM ( for approval prior to production.

CM0004-H Logo Usage
Version: 2 // Effective: 10/02/2023
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