CM0002-H Email Signatures and Photos


To create and further brand awareness and professionalism through University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) emails.


All staff, faculty, residents, and students who are issued a UTHSC email address.


Everyone who is issued a UTHSC email address.


  1. Email Signatures
    1. Use the Email Signature generator at:
    2. Please fill out all fields correctly on the Email Signature generator
      1. Email address should be your UTHSC email address.
      2. If your office building and address are the same, please do not repeat them.
      3. Hit “submit” at the bottom when the form is complete.
    3. Two email signatures will be generated – one with, and one without, a logo. The logo version is preferred, but not required.
    4. Copy your preferred signature (including the logo, if that is your preferred option) and paste it into your email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.)
    5. Do not use any other email signatures, photos, emojis, symbols, logos, or text as part of your email signature – only email signatures created from the Email Signature generator listed in #1 above are permitted.
    6. All phone numbers (telephone, cell, fax, or lab) must have periods in them, not dashes or parenthesis.
    7. Do not alter the spacing, font, logo, color, or any other part of the Email Signature.
    8. The only allowed edit to the Email Signature is to add an additional phone, cell, or fax number. To make this edit, please copy the telephone line of text, paste a copy on the next line, highlight the “t:” and change to “f:” for fax numbers, “c:” for cell numbers, “t:” for additional telephone numbers, or “l:” for lab numbers. Please only use the lowercase letters as referenced, with a colon before the number in the format Any other edits must be approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM).
  2. Email Photos
    1. Photos may be added to UTHSC email accounts but are not required.
    2. If adding a photo to a personal UTHSC email account, only official UTHSC headshots are allowed. Do not upload a personal photo from your cell phone or camera, a photo from social media or another website, or any cartoons, memes, or avatars. Any employees needing an official UTHSC head shot may visit to schedule a headshot.
    3. If adding a photo to an office/department/college/unit UTHSC email account, only official UTHSC logos will be allowed. Please contact OCM at to verify the correct logo for your email account.

CM0002-H Email Signatures and Photos
Version: 2 // Effective: 10/02/2023
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