CM0001-H Advertising

Title: Advertising

Resp. Office: Communications and Marketing

Effective Date: 04/01/2019

Category: Compliance

Last Review: 05/02/2019

Next Review: 05/02/2022

Contact: Sally Badoud, Vice Chancellor,

Communications and Marketing

Phone: 901.448.4957



To clarify the process UTHSC, including its various colleges and departments, uses to create and place paid advertising.


This policy establishes procedures for creating and placing advertising so they will be in alignment with the UT System and UTHSC Branding Guidelines, as well as UT System and
UTHSC Editorial Guidelines.

This Affects

Everyone at UTHSC involved in producing and placing paid advertising.


  1. Any ad placed by any UTHSC college, department, or unit must follow the editorial and design standards set forth in the UT/UTHSC Branding Guidelines and Editorial Guidelines.
  2. Upon request, the Office of Communications and Marketing will assist with the production and placement of advertisements.
  3. Each office or department initiating the advertisement is responsible for its placement costs.

CM0001-H Advertising
Version: 1 // Effective: 04/01/2019
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