C0128-H Campus Wide Training Approval


Resp. Office: FINANCE

Effective Date: 01/01/2016

Category: Compliance

Last Review: 04/01/2021

Next Review: 04/01/2024

Contact: Melanie Burlison, Assistant Vice Chancellor

Institutional Compliance Office


🖂 mburlison@uthsc.edu


To establish procedure for approval of campus wide training.


The UT Health Science Center (HSC) has taken a proactive approach to compliance with the development of the Office of Institutional Compliance. One step in formalizing the campus wide compliance efforts was to form an Institutional Compliance Committee (Committee). The primary role of the Committee is to ensure continuous and effective monitoring of identified high-risk activities and to follow-up on all instances of non-compliance reported to ensure appropriate corrective action has been taken. The Committee has been charged with reviewing and approving campus wide training prior to its distribution.


  • Campus – Includes all HSC locations including Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Nashville.
  • Campus Wide Training – Includes training offered to the HSC community including, but not limited to, faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and contractors.
  • Training Coordinator – The primary individual with the responsibility of maintaining the training program for their particular area.


At least 60 days prior to the proposed implementation date, a written Plan must be sent to the Institutional Compliance Office and include the following information:

  • Background/Details
  • Training Format (in-person and live, webinar, on-line portal, etc.)
  • Implementation Timeline
  • Instructions on how Committee can access the training
  • Approval of the Vice Chancellor in the area responsible for the training

The responsible area will provide a representative to attend the next scheduled meeting of the Committee to present the Plan and address any questions and concerns.


The Institutional Compliance Office will forward the Plan to the Committee who will:

  • Review and evaluate the training materials prior to the next scheduled meeting.
  • Ask questions of the area representative at the next scheduled meeting.
  • Request corrections/revisions to the Plan, if necessary.

After any outstanding issues have been resolved, the Committee will vote on the approval of the Plan.


This procedure does not require ongoing approval of campus wide training that has been offered routinely (i.e. quarterly, yearly). It is primarily applicable to new training programs. Examples: (a) new training not offered to the campus previously; (b) new training program purchased to replace current training.

C0128-H Campus Wide Training Approval
Version: 1 // Effective: 01/01/2016
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