BT0029-K – Housing Allowances for Senior-Level Administrators

Office of Budget and Finance
Housing Allowances for Senior-Level Administrators

Board of Trustees Policy BT0029 provides guidelines on the payment of housing allowances for senior level administrators. This supplement provides additional requirements for the Knoxville and UTSI campuses.

Senior-level campus administrators may be eligible for a short-term housing allowance upon initial appointment. Allowances for faculty, staff and students are not permissible. Short term University owned housing provisions may be made for faculty and staff when necessary for the performance of job duties.

Cost associated with temporary housing.

Pre-approval is required for Knoxville and UTSI faculty and staff from the Chief Business Officer (CBO), or designee, who in turn will seek prior approval from the UT System Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Steps to follow:

  1. The department must request prior approval prior to making the offer.
  2. Upon approval by the CBO and CFO, the signed offer letter and pre-approval documentation
    should be attached to the electronic T-5 in Zap entry which will route to the Treasurer’s Office for processing.

This should not be submitted to the Treasurer’s Office more than 60 days prior to the employees start date according to policy.

Questions regarding the supplemental policy should be directed to the Office of the Sr. Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration 865-974-4204.

BT0029-K – Housing Allowances for Senior-Level Administrators
Version: 1 // Effective: 10/01/2018
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