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UT Health Science Center: ADM0200-H Facilities

No./Title: Facilities


Effective Date: 04/12/19

Category: Facilities

Last Review: 4/12/19

Next Review: 04/12/21

Contact: Facilities Director

Facilities Administration



Facilities is responsible for maintenance and operation of the University’s physical plant. As such, it is the goal of Facilities to provide a clean, safe work and learning environment for the University’s students, faculty and staff. Facilities is also responsible for implementing certain facilities improvements and may assist with the maintenance of teaching, research, or clinical equipment. Additionally, Facilities is available to provide technical assistance to other campus departments as requested and within its capabilities to do so. In general, Facilities is responsible only for maintaining a facility in its current configuration.


Facilities is responsible for maintenance and/or operation of the following: building envelopes; building interiors; heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems; lighting systems; real property installed equipment; utilities; grounds; elevators; and housekeeping for University facilities. Revenue-producing departments are charged for these services on a pro rata basis.

Building Envelopes – The building envelope includes roofing systems, exterior masonry, windows, and exterior doors. Facilities is responsible for these components. Facilities is responsible, however, for locks and latching mechanisms, for security systems and associated hardware, for fire alarm and related equipment, or for life safety equipment systems.

Building Interiors – Building interiors include walls, floors and ceilings. Maintenance of standard wall finishes is a Facilities responsibility and is funded from the Facilities budget. Maintenance of wall finishes that are not standard, however, will be funded by the occupant. Maintenance of hard surface floors is a Facilities responsibility. Maintenance of specialized floor and/or wall systems, such as epoxy coatings used in vivariums or in athletic facilities, is an occupant responsibility. Window treatments, such as blinds, are maintained by facilities but new purchases are the responsibility of the occupant.

Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems – HVAC systems include boilers, chillers, air handling units, building exhaust fans with the associated piping, pumps, heat exchangers and control systems. Facilities is responsible for the maintenance and operation of these systems. Specialized air filtering systems that are required beyond the normal occupancy

filtration systems also are not the responsibility of Facilities but rather the department requiring the system.

Lighting Systems – Light levels will be maintained in accordance with the Illuminating Engineering Society standards. Specialty lighting required for research or clinical purposes is the responsibility of the occupant.

Real Property Installed Equipment – Real property installed equipment is that equipment that is permanently installed and integral to the building. Facilities is responsible for the maintenance and operation of this equipment. Included are walk-in refrigerated storage areas that are part of the building structure; built-in autoclaves; and building vacuum systems. Any specialty or stand-alone hoods, however, are the responsibility of the department using the hood. In addition, vacuum systems or other comparable systems serving a single lab or small group of labs are the responsibility of the department requiring the system.

Utilities – Utility systems maintained by Facilities include electrical systems and components, domestic hot and cold water, fuel for heating systems, sewage, and trash removal. Costs associated with disposal of medical and/or hazardous waste, however, are not the responsibility of Facilities. Equipment required for de-ionized, reverse osmosis, or other water purification systems for water to meet specialized departmental requirements is also not a Facilities responsibility.

Grounds – Mowing and edging operations, landscaping, litter control and snow and ice removal are the responsibility of Facilities.

Elevators – All vertical transportation equipment is maintained by Facilities. Elevator maintenance costs associated with revenue-producing space are charged to the department.

Housekeeping – Facilities provides daily cleaning of all University general use facilities. Cleaning of areas requiring specialized training, such as vivariums, are either cleaned by Facilities on a reimbursement basis or by the department. Space occupied by revenue-producing departments is cleaned either by Facilities on a reimbursement basis or by the department.

Fume Hoods/Biological Safety Cabinets – Facilities is responsible only for the exhaust fans, any associated duct work, and the controls for the fans on these pieces of equipment. Any special filters, calibrations/certifications, or lighting fixtures that are an integral part of the hood are the responsibility of the users.


Facilities improvements include renovation/construction projects, Archibus work order requests and deferred maintenance projects.

Renovation/Construction Projects

Renovation/construction projects are normally accomplished by a combination of University employees and purchased services. Computing and telecommunications work may be required; these costs are included in the total project cost and are reimbursed in accordance with Computing and Telecommunications policies and procedures. Lock and security equipment may also be required; these costs are included in the total project cost.

Archibus Work Order Request

In addition to renovation/construction projects, Facilities performs other work requested by University departments for which the requesting department may be charged for the cost of labor, materials and purchased services. Archibus work request may include but is not limited to installation of additional electrical outlets.

Special Maintenance Projects

Prior approval of UT Health Science Center Administration is required for a maintenance project to be funded by general funds. Examples are chiller replacement, boiler replacement, pump/fan motor repair and replacement, compressor replacement, major roof repair and replacement, building carpet replacement, etc.

ADM0200-H Facilities
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