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UT Health Science Center: ADM0100-H Parking – Parking Services

No./Title: PARKING

Resp. Office: PARKING

Effective Date: 03/01/2016

Category: Parking

Last Review: 05/22/2020

Next Review: 05/22/2021

Contact: Dan Koppen



The University of Tennessee Board of Trustees in 1961 recognized the necessity of regulating parking and traffic by authorizing the University administration to prepare and put into effect certain traffic, parking, and safety regulations.

In 1968 the Board broadened that authority by resolution: 1) to include not only University students and faculty but also guests on the University of Tennessee campuses; 2) to direct establishment on each of the campuses of a Parking Authority authorized to prepare traffic, parking, and safety regulations and establish a schedule of parking fees to be charged for use of UTHSC parking areas; and 3) authorizing University administration to impound automobiles parked in violation of such regulations.

At UT Health Science Center, traffic, parking and safety regulations and schedules of parking fees prepared by the Parking Authority become effective upon approval by the Chancellor except for those portions of regulations which require approval of the Board of Trustees and a Legislative Review Committee prior to becoming effective. Parking Services is responsible for operation of parking facilities and services, for implementation of rules and regulations, and for publishing on a regular basis the traffic and parking regulations and procedures.

Parking For Employees and Students with Disabilities

UT Health Science Center desires to provide appropriate parking accommodations for employees and students with disabilities. Requests for parking space for such individuals will be handled as follows:

    1. Each employee and student with a special need related to parking and access to their work or educational site must declare their need/disability by completing a UTHSC Accessible Parking form. Forms are available in Parking Services and on the UT Equity and Diversity (OED) web page.
    2. Each request for a special parking accommodation will be submitted to OED for review. A physician’s statement identifying the disability and describing the accommodation is necessary before an accommodation request is honored.
    3. Parking Services will make a parking assignment congruent with the need verified by the physician’s statement. Parking Services will maintain all files on special parking requests along with the office of OED.
    4. Any student or employee who is unsatisfied with the decision of Parking Services may appeal that decision to the Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Equity and Diversity who also serves as the UT Health Science Center ADA Coordinator.
    1. Requests for parking for persons with temporary disabilities should be directed to Parking Services.
    2. Parking Services may request a physician’s statement describing the disability and the anticipated duration of the disability.
    3. Upon verification of physical disabilities, a temporary parking space will be assigned in the most convenient available lot.

Revised March 2016 to incorporate Administrative Policies 2.230 Guidelines for Parking Lot “A” and 2.233 Parking for Employees and Students with Disabilities , which have been deleted. Guidelines for Parking in A lot are maintained in the Chancellor’s Office.

ADM0100-H Parking – Parking Services
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