ADM0001-H Commissioning of Police Officers – Campus Police

UT Health Science Center:

ADM0001-H Commissioning of Police Officers – Campus Police


Resp. Office: Campus Police

Effective Date: 06/18/1987

Category: Campus Police

Last Review: 05/22/2020

Next Review: 05/22/21

Contact: Anthony D. Berryhill – Chief of Police




In 1987, the Tennessee Legislature enacted Public Chapter 78 authorizing The University of Tennessee to establish policies regarding the employment and commissioning of security officers having authority to enforce state laws, as well as University rules and regulations, on University property. Each officer employed and commissioned under this public chapter must meet the minimum certification requirements of the peace officers’ standards training commission as set forth in the Tennessee Code Annotated.


On June 18, 1987, the UT Board of Trustees approved the following policy:

“That the Board of Trustees authorizes each Chancellor to employ and commission as security officers a sufficient number of individuals to meet the law enforcement needs of the University operations for which that Chancellor is responsible. Each Chancellor is charged with the responsibility of assuring that the security officers so employed and commissioned meet the minimum qualifications set forth in T.C.A. SS 38-8-106-7 and such other minimum qualifications as the Chancellor deems appropriate. Each security officer employed and commissioned under this policy is authorized to enforce all state laws, as well as rules and regulations of The University of Tennessee, in all facilities and on all property owned, leased or operated by The University of Tennessee. Specific law enforcement duties shall be assigned to each security officer by the appointing Chancellor or his or her designee. Upon agreement of the appointing Chancellor and any other Chancellor, security officers commissioned under this policy may be assigned law enforcement duties in University facilities or on University property other than that under the jurisdiction of the appointing Chancellor.”

At UT Health Science Center, all new campus police officers who have met and fulfilled Tennessee Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Commission’s pre-employment criteria, and subsequently with their duty weapon, are duly commissioned. The Oath of Office is administered by the Chancellor or his/her designee.

ADM0001-H Commissioning of Police Officers – Campus Police
Version: // Effective: 06/18/1987
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