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Information Technology (IT) Policies

The policies below can be ordered by subject, version or date. Click or tap each table header below to change the order.  Each policy will open in a new tab or window.

The policies listed below are exact reproductions of the policies published through the University’s official policy site, [PolicyTech Public Link]. They have been re-published here for the convenience of those readers who cannot access the official site.

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Subject (click link to view / download PDF)Version #Published in PolicyTechPolicyTech Public url: Use this link to access policy in PolicyTech or to share / embed the public urlTitle only
IT0110 - Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources310/1/2017 Use of Information Technology Resources
IT0115 - Information and Computer System Classification210/1/2017 and Computer System Classification
IT0120 - Secure Network Infrastructure210/1/2017 Network Infrastructure
IT0121 - Information Security Plan Creation, Implementation, and Maintenance210/1/2017 Information Security Plan Creation, Implementation, and Maintenance
IT0122 - Security Incident Reporting and Response310/1/2017 Incident Reporting and Response
IT0123 - Security Awareness, Training, and Education41/12/2018 Security Awareness, Training, and Education
IT0124 - Risk Assessment210/1/2017 Assessment
IT0125 - Configuration Management210/1/2017 Management
IT0126 - Accessibility110/1/2017
IT0127 - Audit and Accountability110/1/2017 and Accountability
IT0128 - Contingency Planning110/1/2017 Planning
IT0129 - Physical and Environmental Protection110/1/2017 and Environmental Protection
IT0130 - Personnel Security110/1/2017 Security
IT0131 - Security Assessment and Authorization110/1/2017 Assessment and Authorization
IT0132 - Identification and Authentication110/1/2017 and Authentication
IT0133 - Security Planning110/1/2017 Planning
IT0134 - System and Communication Protection110/1/2017 and Communication Protection
IT0135 - System and Information Integrity110/1/2017 and Information Integrity