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Published 12/5/2019:

FI0930 – Payroll

Published 12/5/2019; Effective 11/7/2019:

SA0575 – Programs for Minors

Published 11/25; Effective 11/8/2019

BT0006 – Policies Governing Academic Freedom Responsibility and Tenure

Revisions to Article III, Section B, allowing an “early tenure” decision to be made by the President rather than the Board when the candidate has been employed by the University in a tenure-track position for six years but the probationary period has been suspended for one or more year(s) due to a leave of absence or modified duties assignment.

BT0032 – Statement of Treasury Policy

New Document:  Previous versions of the Statement of Treasury Policy dating back to at least 1955 were never published on any policy website.  Therefore, this amended and restated version, adopted on November 8, 2019, is published as version 1.

BT0033 – Policy on Oversight of Intercollegiate Athletics

New Document:  The Board of Trustees adopted this Policy on Oversight of Intercollegiate Athletics to establish requirements to ensure the Board effectively carries out its responsibility to monitor and oversee the University’s intercollegiate athletics programs.

Published 11/23/2019:

FI0530 – Procurement Cards