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Published 9/1/2020:

FI0531 – Travel Cards (new)

To provide policies and procedures to departmental personnel on the use of university travel
cards. Obtaining a travel card is optional and is intended to reduce the out of pocket burden for
employees, guests and students who travel on behalf of the university.

FI0705 – Travel

Updates related to new Travel Cards policy (FI0531)

Published 8/17/2020; Effective 8/4/2020

BT0006 – Policies Governing Academic Freedom Responsibility and Tenure

Published 6/2/2020:

FI0940 – Faculty Supplement Based Administrative Appointments

New: To provide guidance on the setting of faculty salaries for employees who continue to hold
faculty appointments after their Supplement-Based Administrative Appointments have
concluded in accordance with university policy BT0023.