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Newest Policies / Recently Updated

Effective 6/21/2019:

BT0003 – Policy Statement on Travel

Version 3, approved by the Board of Trustees on June 21, 2019, deletes the prohibition against issuing travel cards to employees.  This version also makes various technical revisions, including revisions clarifying that the policy statement applies to travel by Trustees as well as employees.

Effective 6/12/2019:

FI0311 – Credit Card Processing

The revised policy is not a dramatic change from the current policy – but the revision is more tidy and better aligns with what is actually occurring.   A few of the CBO responsibilities have been moved to other responsible parties.   A link to the Treasurer’s website has been added as well.

Effective 5/13/2019:

FI0105 – General Statement on University Fiscal Policy

Changes were made to allow chief business officers to make exceptions to policy during a declared emergency

FI0715 – Entertainment, Group Arranged Events, Food and Housing Purchases for UT Sponsored Conferences and Seminars

Changes were recommended by Knoxville Campus personnel to clarify general ledger accounts to be charged for items related to entertainment events.

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