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Published 2/9/2021

FI0705 – Travel

SA0450 – Biological Safety

SA0875 – Firearms

Published 12/9/2020

FI0135 – Commercial Insurance

The State of Tennessee has increased the university’s property insurance deductibles from $25,000 to $75,000 on water-related losses and $250,000 on flood losses in high risk areas; all other losses have a $50,000 deductible. The university maintains an internal Risk Management fund to cover these deductibles and departments/campuses are charged a portion of that deductible. To ensure that the internal Risk Management fund remains solvent, the departmental/campus deductibles are also increasing. The new campus/departmental deductibles are $15,000 on water-related losses, $50,000 for flood losses, and $10,000 on all other losses. These deductibles only apply to losses covered under the state insurance policy.

Published 11/1/2020

RE0002 – Policy on Visitors Engaged in Research (new)

Policy applicable to visitors.

Published 10/30/2020; Effective 10/23/2020

BT0003 – Policy Statement on Travel

Board approved updated version of BT0003.  With this revision, Board Policy BT0019 was repealed and replaced with BT0003.