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Published 1/11/2022

GE0001 – Policy Governing Issuance of System-wide Administrative Policies

This policy establishes a central framework for how the University of Tennessee will identify, create, develop, approve, communicate, maintain, track and update University Policies, Related Procedures and Guidance Documents to promote transparency and compliance across all Policy Documents.

HR0129 – Performance Reviews for Regular Staff Employees

Published 1/7/2022

GE0003 – State and Federal Government Relations Activities

NEW:  The purpose of this policy is to facilitate compliance with federal and state law and enhance the effectiveness of contacts with federal and state government officials while protecting employees’ rights to free speech and expression.

Published 12/15/2021

FI0207 – Sponsored Projects – Salary Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide policies and procedures for charging salary to sponsored projects. This policy will address federal, federal flow-through and non-federal projects.

These policy-related documents are NEW:

GE0001 – Statement of Need

GE0001 – New Policy and Policy Revision Flowchart

GE0001 – New Policy Template

GE0003 – Guidance Document

GE0003 – Policy Flow Chart

Published 11/3/2021; Effective 6/25/2021

BT0006 – Policies Governing Academic Freedom Responsibility and Tenure

Published 11/3/2021; Effective 10/22/2021

BT0032 – Statement of Treasury Policy

Published 11/2/2021; Effective 10/22/2021

BT0004 – Policy on Presidential Performance Reviews

BT0005 – Policy on Awarding of Degrees and Certificates in Memoriam

Published 9/29/2021

FI0531 – Travel Cards