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Published 6/2/2020:

FI0940 – Faculty Supplement Based Administrative Appointments

New: To provide guidance on the setting of faculty salaries for employees who continue to hold
faculty appointments after their Supplement-Based Administrative Appointments have
concluded in accordance with university policy BT0023.

Published 4/21/2020:

HR0385 – Social Security Benefits

HR0390 – Deferred Compensation

HR0630 – Employee Relations Advisory Organization

Published 3/31/2020; Effective 3/27/2020

BT0006 – Policies Governing Academic Freedom Responsibility and Tenure

Changes are to Article III, Section E.2

Published 3/13/2020 ; Effective 3/1/2020:

HR0320 – Administrative Closings

Partial Administrative Closings (New):

11. Each campus or institute’s chief executive officer has the authority to grant paid administrative leave to a portion of the unit’s employees if the CEO determines that it is the unit’s best interest for those employees to be physically absent from their workplaces (e.g. based on a Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendation that certain employees self-quarantine). Each campus/institute would be responsible for communicating to its workforce the circumstances under which employees would be eligible for paid administrative leave.

Published 3/3/2020:

FI0540 – Independent Contractors

Update Worker Classification Form information to better reflect new PaymentWorks Vendor on-boarding process.

Published 3/1/2020:

HR0399 – Organ Donation Leave

The Laura McGinnis Policy on Organ Donation went into effect March 1.  The new policy will provide six weeks of paid leave to UT employees across the system who donate an organ—an extraordinary Volunteer act. It also provides one week to recover from a bone marrow donation.​