FI00004-K Appliances Purchasing

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Appliances & Personal Purchases – Procurement – Fiscal Policy FI0405


The purpose of Fiscal Policy FI0405 is to provide guidelines on the purchase of supplies, equipment and services from outside vendors

Fiscal Policy on Procurement reads:

All purchases must be for official university use or benefit only. Departments may not purchase or request goods or services unless funds are available. The following are prohibited:

Employees may not make personal purchases with university funds or purchase items that personally benefit another employee. These prohibited purchases include greeting cards, flowers or similar gifts prohibited by the Employee Gift Acceptance Policy FI0717. Departments may not use university funds to purchase items for employees and allow the employees to reimburse the university. Also, employees may not use the university’s letterhead to place orders for personal purchases or use the university’s name to avoid paying sales taxes when making personal purchases.

Additional procedures for the Knoxville and UTSI campus is below:

Personal Use for Official Functions. Personal items such as greeting cards, flowers or gifts required for conducting official departmental activities or business and not intended for employees may be purchased through usual procurement procedures, including university bookstores. An explanation of the reason and use for the item(s) must be provided with the payment request (e.g., on an invoice or a petty cash reimbursement request) and retained with the supporting documentation for six years for audit purposes. Purchases of appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves and similar items intended for office break rooms require written approval from the campus business officer or designee.

To purchase new or when replacing existing appliances as listed above, the department head must submit a request prior to the purchase to the campus CBO, Chris Cimino, or designee with the agreement to follow the below:

  1. The University is committed to purchase energy efficient equipment that meets EPA Energy Star requirements. Confirmation to adhere to the Facilities Services energy policy, must be in the request, which may be found at: OP00011-K Energy Conservation
  2. The expenditure will be from gift funds (providing the gift agreement allows for these types of purchases), therefore list the account number to incur the expense.
  3. The usage of the appliance will be for a general audience and a common area and not an individual or small group; or the department has a legitimate business need such as departments that regularly serve the public, therefore list the purpose of the appliance.
  4. Any expense for renovation for electricity, water, etc. will be absorbed by the department and will be coordinated with Facility Services, therefore include a statement acknowledging this obligation.
  5. All purchasing polices will be adhered to such as the procurement card and bid limits.
  6. When purchasing appliances, the department shall consider options that would accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities.
  7. Purchases shall meet present needs while promoting sustainable practices that support ecological, human, social and economic vitality and awareness for both the campus and the community.

Questions regarding the supplemental policy should be directed to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration 865-974-4204.

FI00004-K Appliances Purchasing
Version: 2 // Effective: 05/17/2019
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