Fiscal (FI) Policies

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The policies listed below are exact reproductions of the policies published through the University’s official policy site, [PolicyTech Public Link]. They have been re-published here for the convenience of those readers who cannot access the official site.

Note: BT0016 through BT0020 are both Board of Trustee (BT) and Fiscal (FI) policies.

Subject (click link to view / download PDF)Version #Published in PolicyTechPolicyTech Public url: Use this link to access policy in PolicyTech or to share / embed the public url
BT0016 - Policy on Approval of Student Fees411/8/2018 (Effective 11/2/2018)
BT0017 - Process for Submitting Legislative Proposals and Funding Requests to the General Assembly110/12/2017
BT0018 - Policy on Housing Allowances for Senior-level Administrators33/26/2018
BT0019 - University Aircraft210/12/2017
BT0020 - Investment Policies and Procedures211/8/2018 (Effective 11/2/2018)
FI0105 - General Statement on University Fiscal Policy55/13/2019
FI0110 - Budgets110/1/2017
FI0112 - Budgeting Current Unrestricted Funds110/1/2017
FI0115 - Reconciling and Reviewing Departmental Ledgers110/1/2017
FI0120 - Records Management1110/1/2017
FI0125 - Conflict of Interests310/1/2017
FI0130 - Fraud, Waste and Abuse710/29/2018
FI0131 - Cash Shortages and Property Losses24/23/2019
FI0135 - Insurance610/1/2017
FI0140 - Unclaimed Property39/10/2018
FI0145 - Service and Recharge Centers510/1/2017
FI0150 - Approvals210/16/2017
FI0155 - Duplication and Distribution of Instructional Materials Prepared by Faculty27/20/2018
FI0160 - HIPAA Re-designation and General Policy110/1/2017
FI0205 - Sponsored Projects1110/1/2017
FI0206 - Sponsored Projects - Distinguishing Direct vs Indirect Costs110/1/2017
FI0207- Sponsored Projects - Salary Policy37/10/2018
FI0208 - Sponsored Projects - Federal Salary Rate Limitation110/1/2017
FI0210 - Sponsored Projects - Cost Sharing110/1/2017
FI0215 - Sponsored Projects - Effort Certification27/10/2018
FI0220 - Sponsored Projects - Cost Transfers210/1/2017
FI0225 - Sponsored Projects - Code of Business Ethics110/1/2017
FI0230 - Sponsored Projects - Subaward Origination and Subrecipient Monitoring210/1/2017
FI0235 - Sponsored Projects - Program Income110/1/2017
FI0305 - Accounts Receivable115/8/2018
FI0310 - Receiving and Depositing Money812/15/2017
FI0311 - Credit Card Processing311/1/2017
FI0312 - Custody of Third-party Funds25/15/2018
FI0313 - Gift Cards and Gift Certificates33/27/2019
FI0315 - Gifts74/20/2018
FI0320 - Indicia Licensing, Promotions, and Sponsorships210/1/2017
FI0325 - Vending and Solicitations on the University Campus34/2/2018
FI0330 - Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI)212/8/2017
FI0335 - Tax Exempt Bonds110/1/2017
FI0340 - Endowment14/10/2018
FI0405 - Procurement1810/9/2017
FI0420 - Contracts1610/1/2017
FI0425 - Campus Bookstore Purchases57/10/2018
FI0430 - Receiving Materials711/1/2017
FI0435 - Memberships and Subscriptions1410/1/2017
FI0445 - Employee Services Between the University Board of Regents Institutions and State Agencies56/19/2018
FI0450 - Moving Stipend103/27/2018
FI0500 - Creating and/or Modifying Vendor Information210/2/2018
FI0505 - Accounts Payable125/28/2018
FI0510 - Advance Payment to Vendors91/4/2018
FI0520 - Internal Transfers110/1/2017
FI0525 - Petty Cash1110/9/2017
FI0530 - Procurement Cards1210/1/2017
FI0535 - Student Payments (Non-Employment Related)29/14/2018
FI0540 - Independent Contractors29/14/2018
FI0600 - Equipment - Sensitive Minor110/1/2017
FI0605 - Equipment1310/1/2017
FI0610 - Surplus Property109/10/2018
FI0615 - Disposition of Gift Personal Property37/20/2018
FI0620 - Capital Outlay512/20/2017
FI0625 - Lease of Real Property by or to the University310/20/2017
FI0630 - Leasing Negotiation15/8/2018
FI0640 - Reports on Discretionary Spending for Senior-level Administrators110/1/2017
FI0705 - Travel308/2/2018
FI0715 Entertainment Group Arranged Events Food and Housing Purchases for UT Sponsored Conferences and Seminars175/13/2019
FI0717 - Employee Gift Acceptance Policy310/1/2017
FI0720 - Retirement Receptions77/20/2018
FI0725 - Use of University Vehicles51/5/2018
FI0730 - Telephones and Other Communication Devices310/1/2017
FI0900 - Fringe Benefits Provided to Employees32/5/2019
FI0910 - Taxability of Graduate Tuition Waiver for Employees27/20/2018
FI0920 - Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act210/1/2017
FI0930 - Payroll210/1/2017