Policy Links (Public URLs)

It is often desirable to embed links to a specific policy within an email, other websites, or external documents.

Follow the steps below to identify the correct URL for a policy.

While viewing policies from the Public page or logged into PolicyTech as an administrator:

  • Browse the policies to locate the desired policy
  • Click on the small arrow beside the PDF icon

NOTE:  If you do not see the PDF icon, you are viewing policies as a list (see screen shot below).  To change the view to Grid, use gear (far right) and select “View as Grid.”

  • Select “View Properties”

    (this will open a new window)
  • Scroll toward the bottom of the new window to the “URL” heading (above “Language”)
  • Copy the Public Access URL

Effective October 2017, UT policies have been migrated and redirected to PolicyTech, a new document management system.