HR0630 – Employee Relations Advisory Organization

Effective: July 1, 1998
Revision No: 4
Employee Relations Committee Employee Relations Board
Employee Relations Council Procedures

To provide for a direct channel of communications between regular staff non-exempt employees and university officials for information and advisory purposes, and to provide university officials with an effective method of soliciting and disseminating information concerning plans and programs affecting regular staff non-exempt university employees.

  1. Each campus shall develop an employee relations advisory organization consistent with the organizational structure outlined below, modifying the structure to the extent necessary for effective implementation.

Employee Relations Committee[top]

  1. A committee should exist at each major management level that represents a significant number of employees. It will serve as an advisory body to the chief administrator or senior administrator with respect to matters and conditions affecting employees. Management entities with relatively few employees should be combined with larger related units in formulating the committees. Normally, a committee will consist of:
    1. the senior administrator or designee - chair
    2. a representative of the human resources office - secretary
    3. an elected employee representative from each unit, geographical location and/or job group. An employee must have at least one year of continuous service credit with the university in order to be eligible for election. It is of prime importance that the representative is easily accessible to the represented employees and that not more than 50-75 employees are represented by one person.

Employee Relations Council[top]

  1. A council may be formed in each unit to serve as an advisory body to the chancellor, vice president, or chief administrator with respect to human resources policies, programs, and practices, and to assist in the review of grievance appeals. The council may consist of:
    1. the chancellor, vice president, chief administrator or designee - chair
    2. the chief human resources officer - secretary
    3. the chief business officer
    4. at least one council member from each employee relations committee selected by the elected employee representatives.

Employee Relations Board[top]

  1. An Employee Relations Board will be established at the university-wide administration level to serve as an advisory group to the president with respect to human resources policies, programs, and practices. This board will consist of:
    1. the president or designee - chair
    2. the executive vice president
    3. the senior vice president and chief financial officer
    4. the university general counsel
    5. the treasurer
    6. the university chief human resources officer - secretary
    7. a board member from each campus or unit council or committee chosen by the elected council or committee members. The council or committee may choose to elect the board representative for a period of one or two years. Board members should be elected prior to February 1 of each election year, and the secretary should be informed of the term length of each board member.

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