FI0425 – Campus Bookstore Purchases

Effective: November 4, 2013
Revision No: 4
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To provide guidelines on departmental purchases from campus bookstores.


Departmental Purchases From Campus Bookstores[top]

  1. Some campuses operate a bookstore for the convenience of the university community in acquiring books, educational supplies, and other university-related items. Some of these are operated by third party vendors. For further details on bookstore operations, consult campus procedures or contact the campus bookstore.

  2. Bookstore items may be purchased by departments for official university use only. Items purchased from university owned bookstores will be charged directly to department cost centers or WBS elements by internal transfer through the university's accounting system. Departmental procurement cards should not be used for these purchases. Purchases from stores operated by third parties should be made with departmental procurement cards or an invoice should be processed. All department purchases from the bookstore must meet the following conditions.

    1. Personal Use Items. Items that are usually intended for personal use (greeting cards, gift items for outside donors or speakers, clothing, cosmetics, food, etc.) may not be purchased and charged to cost center/WBS elements unless they are required for conducting departmental business and written documentation describing the business need for and use of the item(s) is retained on file in the department for audit purposes. (See FISCAL POLICY FI0405, 8-9 for related policies on procuring personal use items.)
    2. Authorization. Purchases may be made only by a department head, principal investigator, or other employees designated by these officials. Bookstores require persons making such purchases to present valid UT employee identification. Bookstores, however, cannot assume responsibility for verifying that employees are designated to make departmental purchases.
    3. Reviewing Purchases. Charge tickets and receipts for items purchased from the bookstore for departmental use must be reviewed by the department head or principal investigator. The reviewer should sign these documents and the department must retain them on file for audit purposes.
    4. Reconciling Purchases. All bookstore charges appearing on the monthly departmental ledgers or procurement card statement must be reconciled to the bookstore charge tickets/receipts obtained at the time of purchase.
    5. Separation of Duties. Where staffing permits, there should be a separation of duties between the individuals designated to make  purchases from the bookstore and those who maintain and reconcile departmental records.

Textbook Desk Copies

  1. Publishers usually provide complimentary desk copies of textbooks for faculty use upon request. Departments or faculty members should contact publishers directly to obtain desk copies of proposed or selected textbooks.

  2. If publishers will not provide complimentary desk copies, or if copies cannot be obtained from the publisher in a timely manner, textbooks for faculty use may be purchased from the bookstore and charged to the departmental cost center/WBS element. Where applicable, departments should request complimentary copies from publishers for return to the bookstore to receive a credit to the departmental cost center/WBS element (unless the copy from the publisher has been marked "complimentary-not for resale").

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